Year: 2015

How to Overcome Adversity

Today may be the last day of the year, but it’s also the first day of the rest of your life. “Every moment of every day is a fresh opportunity to start anew.” The above is a statement in my EmBRACES Belief Entrainment System, and is a critical belief to have whenever you want to make a positive change in your life. Too many folks believe that if they don’t get a good start in

3 Keys to Making Prayers Work

In a moment of desperation, I stumbled onto the 3 keys to making prayers work.  They’re the core elements of my Harmonic Prayer system. I had found myself homeless in a city where I didn’t know anyone, and had a desperate need for some quick cash so I could rent a place to stay and get some food. One morning, after walking the streets all night, I stumbled into a bookstore to get warm and

Your Secret Advantage

There’s a quote by a famous hockey player that illustrates why self-esteem is the first step in attaining any goal you may have. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” There was also an advertising campaign for one of the lotteries that focused on the phrase …. “You can’t win if you don’t play.” The reason many folks don’t go after the things they want is because they really don’t believe they can

You’re Worth It

One of the biggest obstacles I had to deal with in my life was the belief that I had to “earn” anything good in life. Before I could take a vacation, or treat myself to a dinner out, I had to meet certain goals.  Before I could expect to have someone who loved me, I had to be “good enough” to love.  Before I could ask for help, I had to try everything I could

This Seems to be Working

This is interesting. I’m already getting positive feedback on the new Wealth Symbolic Change Process meditation, which has been released to a private test group. Here’s an example of what has come in. This is from Cindy, who has had access to other, more in-depth recordings, which could have helped with her results. Hi Alan I just got back from a fun day of shopping with a good friend, had an unexpected and welcomed day

A New Type of Meditation

As I write this, I just finished the first draft of a script for a new type of meditation. It’s actually a cross between a guided meditation and a hypnosis script, using a unique concept for incorporating change.  I call it a symbolic change process. I originally got the idea while reading some Kindle ebooks written by someone who calls himself the “Rogue Hypnotist”.  (BTW – they’re great ebooks, and well worth the 99 cent

How Meditation Can Solve Your Problems For You

A lot of folks say they don’t meditate because they just don’t have time for it.  There’s just too much to do to take time to sit and do nothing. I used to say the same thing. However, anyone who says this is wrong.  The fact is that those who meditate are so much more effective in their work, they tend to get more done than those who don’t meditate.  Here’s why. Even with the

Why Guided Meditations are so Important

As I wrote about in my book, “Choose To Believe“, in order to manifest something, you must first believe it’s possible.  And one of the best ways to believe something is possible is to experience it. You see, while affirmations, visualization, and all that can help you shift your beliefs, nothing shifts beliefs more than direct experience.  When you experience something, you KNOW it’s real. That’s why many experts teach that if you want to

How to Use Your Imagination to Get Results

Yesterday, I shared a process you could use to find out what you REALLY want.  There are a few ways to enhance this process so it can give you so much more. First, let’s recap the core process itself. As always, you start by relaxing yourself as much as you can.  Pretend you’re going to take a short nap. When you feel yourself getting drowsy and going into a semi-trance state, you are very close

Getting to the Core of What You REALLY Want

My last couple of messages have described little tricks you can do to improve the quality of your visualizations, and therefore the effectiveness of your manifestation efforts. First, there was the exercise where you look at a physical object, then close your eyes and remember what you saw, then repeat this over and over again until what you see inside your mind matches what you see with your physical eyes. Then, there was the idea