How Meditation Can Solve Your Problems For You

A lot of folks say they don’t meditate because they just don’t have time for it.  There’s just too much to do to take time to sit and do nothing.

I used to say the same thing.

However, anyone who says this is wrong.  The fact is that those who meditate are so much more effective in their work, they tend to get more done than those who don’t meditate.  Here’s why.

Even with the old traditional type of meditation where you did actually sit and do nothing, the process gives your brain and body a break, which allows it to recuperate from stress.

As the old saying goes, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

It’s almost like taking a nap. It refreshes you, and gives you extra energy, helping you better handle the tasks of the day.  It also reduces your need for nighttime sleep.

There’s a reason most of us eat more than once a day. Smaller portions spread out over time help our bodies maintain a higher level of energy, which helps us get more done with less effort.  This is why health experts recommend 5 or 6 “mini-meals” over a single massive one.

The same is true about rest periods.  By breaking up your rest into a “main meal” (night-time sleep) and several smaller portions during the day, your body doesn’t starve for rest, and you can actually get by with less sleep.

To get the benefits of these smaller rest periods, you have to allow your body to shut down, at least to some degree.  And that’s why even traditional meditation helps you get more done during the day. Your body doesn’t become “rest deprived”.

Now, guided meditations can improve on this.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “work smart, not hard.”  When you apply effort along the RIGHT lines, you can get more done than if you were running around without a plan of action.

Consider the power of a 60-watt light bulb.  It can give you a little light, and a little heat, but it won’t actually DO anything, will it?

But if you focus the light by directing it along a very specific line, and filter out everything except for a single wavelength (color), then you have a 60-watt laser, which can cut through steel.

Most of us are more like the general-purpose light bulb than we are like the laser.  We just aren’t focused enough to cut through the obstacles in our path, and end up frustrated at our lack of progress.  We may even come to believe that the obstacles are just too hard to overcome, and resign ourselves to a life of mediocrity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have so much more power and capability than you know, and one of the easiest ways to tap into that potential and bring it to bear on the problems of your life is through meditation.

You see, when you relax your mind and body enough, you bring yourself into close contact with your deeper mind, which has most, if not all, of the answers you need.

When you slip into a meditative state, you have an opportunity to ask your deeper mind how to best handle the problems in your life, or to achieve the goals you have selected for yourself.

Relax your mind and body completely, ask your deeper mind for help, and wait openly for the answer to “pop into your mind”.

If you do this regularly, you can eliminate a lot of wasted effort and apply yourself in highly effective and efficient lines of action.  In other words, you become more like the laser and less like a general-purpose light bulb.

When you use a well-designed guided meditation, you are given a set of step-by-step instructions that lead your mind to activate the neural pathways required to trigger the answers you seek.

I’m currently working on developing a set of guided meditations I’m calling “Symbolic Solutions“.

Stay tuned for more information.