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Building Wealth Without Starting a Business

Recent posts have focused on starting a business doing something you enjoy. But what if you want more wealth, but don’t want to start a business? Fair question, especially since many folks are completely happy working a regular job, and not everyone wants to venture out into the unknown in pursuit of greater wealth. But I do have to make one point.  Even if you’re an employee working for someone else, you’re still in business. 

Making 2018 Your Best Year Ever

It’s been a few months since I last wrote, and I apologize for being away for so long. The time has been invested in doing a fresh round of testing of various manifestation methods to make sure I’m giving you the BEST info possible. If you recall from the last batch of posts, I had started a project of manifesting a much larger degree of financial prosperity. While I COULD have spent the last few

The Quickest Way to Manifest More Money

I have something new for you today. For the last couple of months, I’ve been referring to Terry Dean’s Internet Lifestyle System as the best way to learn how to make money online. Obviously, it’s not the only way. While Terry focuses on creating your own products to sell, it’s a lot easier to promote products already created by other people. You still have to pick a niche in which to work, and you still

A New View on Money

The day after I did the Symbolic Solutions workshop last month, I used the core process to help myself reach higher levels of financial abundance. In this variation of the process, I relaxed into a light alpha level, and asked my subconscious mind to show me a memory which was preventing me from attracting greater financial abundance. To my surprise, I saw a picture of the house I grew up in.  Now, I knew that

How to Draw More People to You (Friends, Customers, etc.)

My wife and I are planning a trip to Florida this month to visit her cousin, and we’re sure to spend a day at one of the Disney theme parks. Linda’s cousin, Nancy, LOVES Disney.  In fact, you could say she’s HOOKED!  Of course, she isn’t the only one.  Every year, more than 130 MILLION people visit DisneyWorld. So, what brings so many people to a Disney theme park?  Especially since their ticket prices are

The First Time I Manifested Free Money

Remember when I said that cash coming out of thin air probably wasn’t going to happen? Sometimes it actually does happen that way. Throughout my life, I’ve experienced little bits of money coming out of nowhere.  $5 here.  $10 there.  Even $20 from time to time. The problem was …. it wasn’t predictable.  I couldn’t MAKE it happen when I wanted to. Not until that day in the bookstore. My regular readers already know this

How to Manifest Money

Today, I’m giving you something a little different. Instead of answering another question, I’m going to share with you a story I just heard last night. A friend of mine, Alix, was telling me about her most recent experience with manifesting money. She started by imagining a lot of money, and used her willpower to focus her mind on her “mental template” with a firm belief that it would manifest. Of course, this isn’t how

Prosperity Meditation

One thing that I’ve found to work wonderfully in shaping my thoughts for prosperity is to imagine what life will be like when I have the level of prosperity that I desire. Spending time thinking about prosperity helps to guide your mind along the proper pathways to attract true prosperity into your life. Here is a little something that should help you imagine your life filled with prosperity. There’s something magical about being able to

Another Million Dollar Formula

Sometimes it seems there’s just too much to do, and all you want is to push a button and have everything you ever wanted fall into your lap. Of course, we ‘know’ it just isn’t practical, is it? One of the core principles behind my Choose To Believe material, as well as any good system for using what is sometimes known as the Law of Attraction (aka – the Power of Prayer), is that our

What Would YOU Do if You Had a Million Dollars?

In Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”, he tells a story about a minister who had spent YEARS thinking of all the good he could do if he only had more money. In his mind, he needed a million dollars to get started. Eventually, he realized that in all that time, he had never really DECIDED to take action and get the ball rolling so he could make his dream a reality. So,