Why Guided Meditations are so Important

As I wrote about in my book, “Choose To Believe“, in order to manifest something, you must first believe it’s possible.  And one of the best ways to believe something is possible is to experience it.

You see, while affirmations, visualization, and all that can help you shift your beliefs, nothing shifts beliefs more than direct experience.  When you experience something, you KNOW it’s real.

That’s why many experts teach that if you want to manifest a new car, rent one or take several test drives.  In other words, get some experience with the car. That way, it’s easier to believe you can own it.

When I manifested the gift of a new car for myself, (twice) the way I did it was to vividly imagine myself driving a new car, usually while driving the old one.  In essence, I created what felt like a real experience.

Most folks, though, feel they can’t visualize, and any images they try to fix inside their minds are weak, hazy, and inconsistent.  There are ways to fix this, but that’s not really the biggest problem in manifesting.

The biggest problem is communicating what you want to your deeper mind, that part of you which is connected to the Divine Mind, the Source of Power.

If you were to read over everything I’ve written since I started sharing what I’ve learned, you’d see a consistent reference to a process I call “creative daydreaming”.  And while I’ve continued to test other ideas and methods, I find that this works better than anything else.

And the main reason it works better than anything else is because of the deep relaxation, which leads to stronger visualizations and less resistance from the conscious mind.

When you analyze the steps in this process, you see that it’s really a form of guided meditation with a specific focus and intent.

All of the “big things” I’ve manifested in my life came about as a result of my creative daydreams — meditations.

Because when it’s all said and done, the easiest way to help you manifest the things you want is to take your hand and guide you through the process of “creatively daydreaming” about what you want.  This way, you can relax much deeper, which puts you more into the flow of Divine Power, which in turn, makes your manifestations happen a lot quicker.

The more you relax, the more you are in contact with your subconscious mind, which makes the whole experience that much more vivid and realistic.  Also, the more you relax, the closer you are to the Divine Mind, and what you imagine will influence your physical reality that much quicker.

After 30+ years testing many different theories and methodologies for manifesting, and the many combinations thereof, over and over again I find that nothing works better than relaxing as much as you can and imagining what you want in vivid detail.

Well, except maybe symbolic manipulation while in trance, like I’ve been experimenting with lately.