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Turning Adversaries into Friends

At some point in our lives, we run into someone who seems hell-bent to do whatever they can to ruin our enjoyment of life. Most of the time, we can simply ignore them for the short time they exist in our world. But what if they are a co-worker, or someone who attends a regular event you don’t want to give up? Here’s what I try to do in these situations. The first step is

A Surprising Benefit

Did you know that the relationships we have with others will be no better than the relationship we have with ourselves? It’s true. One of the reasons I always had short-term relationships until I met Linda was because, on some level, I didn’t feel worthy of love. And one of the main reasons THIS relationship has lasted so long (18 years and counting) is because I took time to work on my self-esteem first. Some

Better Relationships, Guaranteed

There’s been a new trend with email marketers where they periodically send out emails using a cute “From:” name. For instance, this weekend, I got an email from the Easter Bunny, and almost marked it as spam, but noticed that it came from someone I subscribed to his list. Lily Jensen does this type of thing frequently, and I’m very close to unsubscribing because it’s more work to filter out spam than it should be.

The #1 Rule in Life and Business

Do you know what the #1 rule is for both life and business? It’s not always an easy rule to live by, but when you do it well, everything goes your way. It’s easy to remember what this rule is when you know that everyone’s favorite radio station is: WII FM What’s In It For Me. Human nature is such that most of us are more concerned with ourselves than we are with others. In

Whatever You Do, DON’T DO THIS!

Yesterday, we discussed how well Disney has succeeded following basic relationship principles.  To recap, the key idea is that the more fun you are to be around, the more people will choose to spend time with you, as a friend or a customer. Dan Kennedy uses Disney as an example a lot.  I’ve bought 10 of his books, subscribed to his $47/month newsletter for years, and I think I can summarize his core message in

How to Draw More People to You (Friends, Customers, etc.)

My wife and I are planning a trip to Florida this month to visit her cousin, and we’re sure to spend a day at one of the Disney theme parks. Linda’s cousin, Nancy, LOVES Disney.  In fact, you could say she’s HOOKED!  Of course, she isn’t the only one.  Every year, more than 130 MILLION people visit DisneyWorld. So, what brings so many people to a Disney theme park?  Especially since their ticket prices are

Power Tip: We All Need a Little Help from Time to Time

We all need a little help from time to time. No matter how high a person rises in life, everyone needs a little help from time to time. There’s 2 ways to use this information. First, don’t be hard on yourself when you need help. Realize that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Also, if you want to get the attention of someone you admire, find a way you can help

Power Tip: All People Have Something Wonderful about Them

All people have something wonderful about them. With some folks, you may have to look hard to find it, but if you keep looking, I promise you’ll eventually find it. Abraham Lincoln once said, “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” This has another benefit too. The more you know about someone, the easier it is to persuade them to your way of thinking. Affirm: People like me because I

Power Tip: People are Generally Reasonable and Willing to Help

People are generally reasonable and willing to help. Every once in a while, I hear someone express a desire for news stations to report what’s GOOD about the world instead of what’s wrong with it. On the surface, this sounds like a good idea, except when you realize the service that news stations provide. News stations exist to report on the 1% of events that stand out from the normal course of life. What a