A New Type of Meditation

As I write this, I just finished the first draft of a script for a new type of meditation.

It’s actually a cross between a guided meditation and a hypnosis script, using a unique concept for incorporating change.  I call it a symbolic change process.

I originally got the idea while reading some Kindle ebooks written by someone who calls himself the “Rogue Hypnotist”.  (BTW – they’re great ebooks, and well worth the 99 cent price tag. There are 7 so far.)

After testing the idea on myself for a couple of months, I know it works.

The great thing about this process is that it’s neutral enough to work for anyone for any purpose.  And yet, it works on the core of an issue, deeper than anything else I’ve ever seen, and WITHOUT having to go into deep, deep theta levels.

Here’s the principle behind the process.

First, as always, you relax as much as you can. In the script, we spend about 4 minutes on this, which is what was done with the 15-Minute Vacation meditation I gave away earlier this year.  The more you work with these meditations, the deeper you can get in those 4 minutes.

Next, you imagine what you want, as clearly and as vividly as you can.  Don’t worry if your imagination isn’t the greatest. Whatever you can do will be fine.

This is where the process goes in new directions. the next step is to ask your deeper mind to give you a symbol that represents your desire.

The reason for asking your deeper mind to supply the symbol is because your deeper mind will make the changes, and using its symbol will cause it to respond better than using anything else.

There are a few things we do with this symbol, which shifts your energy and helps you identify with the essence of what you want.

Once this is done–which only takes a minute or two–we cement it in by imagining how your life will be different.  NLP-ers call this “future pacing”, and it’s a well-known process for locking in changes, especially when you’re deeply relaxed.

And that’s pretty much it.

The whole process takes less than 15 minutes, and yet produces results that are far and away better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

Feel free to play with this idea yourself.