You’re Worth It

One of the biggest obstacles I had to deal with in my life was the belief that I had to “earn” anything good in life.

Before I could take a vacation, or treat myself to a dinner out, I had to meet certain goals.  Before I could expect to have someone who loved me, I had to be “good enough” to love.  Before I could ask for help, I had to try everything I could do on my own first.

Know what I mean?

Some folks feel the same way about meditation. Before they can sit down and enjoy the process, they have to finish a week’s worth of work.  Of course, the work never gets done, because as soon as they finish one set of tasks, another is waiting to be added to the list.

There’s a reason we sleep daily and eat several times each day. Life is just too much work to save everything until the end.  Can you imagine someone waiting to breathe until they finished 20 minutes of exercise?  They’d keel over dead first!

Reminds me of the joke about the guy holding a couple of logs and saying that as soon as the stove gave him some heat, he’d give it the wood.

Meditation isn’t an “expense” in life, it’s an investment, which leads to greater enjoyment and fulfillment.  The more you invest in yourself, the more you get back.  Besides, 15 minutes a day isn’t THAT much to do.

You’re worth it, trust me.

I’m starting to work on another meditation, and I’m planning on giving this one away for free.

It’s focused on helping you increase your feelings of self-worth, and should help you overcome any limiting beliefs preventing you from living the life you want to live.

Here’s to a bright future ahead!