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What Color is Your Door?

Here’s a fun experiment with symbols. Just imagine, if you went deep into the core inner recesses of your mind, that there’s a door to another dimension. Beyond this door, you’ll find marvelous wonders that will surprise and delight you. And all of this is reserved just for you. No one else. Now, sit back and relax as completely as you can. If you wish, you can record the following script so you can follow

What Could You Do?

Most experts say we only use about 10% of our mental capacity. Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish if you were able to use 100% of your mind? You certainly wouldn’t have any trouble remembering names and faces, and you could probably be a winner at everything you do. And if some experts are right, when you access the full capacity of your mind, you could perform what many folks call miracles. Things

The Quickest Way to Release Stress and Anxiety

Anyone who wants or needs to release stress or anxiety, or just wants to learn to relax more will find that hypnotic processes can be the quickest and most long-lasting solutions available. Most hypnotists tend to use a handful of simple induction methods, with progressive muscle relaxation and basic countdowns being the more popular ones. The Silva Method (a hugely popular course) focuses on using a basic countdown. Other common methods include shock and confusion

A New View on Money

The day after I did the Symbolic Solutions workshop last month, I used the core process to help myself reach higher levels of financial abundance. In this variation of the process, I relaxed into a light alpha level, and asked my subconscious mind to show me a memory which was preventing me from attracting greater financial abundance. To my surprise, I saw a picture of the house I grew up in.  Now, I knew that

The Most Profound Result I’ve Ever Experienced

For years, I’ve talked about how our beliefs create our experiences. The quote that comes up most often is: According to your faith is it done to you. Of course, even on a purely physical level, our beliefs lead to our decisions, which leads to our actions, which leads to our results. You decided to do something because you believed it was the right thing to do in the circumstances. In some cases, our beliefs

A Surprising Trick to Motivate Yourself

Most personal development systems suggest that the best way to reach success is to bite the bullet and use your willpower to force yourself to do the things necessary for success. They promise that the more you do it, the easier it will get.  You just have to get over the initial hump. One of the main reasons so many people fail to follow through with their New Year’s Resolutions past January is because getting

Turning Fear into Confidence

Have you ever wondered if you were doing the right thing?  Or if you were really prepared for an upcoming event?  Ever feel the butterflies churning in your gut? Of course.  We all have.  We’ve all experienced that type of fear. In fact, when I was getting ready for this last workshop, the night before, I knew that I hadn’t prepared for it as much as I would have liked, and experienced those same feelings.

How to Reach Your Goals with Less Effort

Whether you set New Year’s Resolutions or not, chances are that you have at least ONE goal you want to achieve. If you’re like most folks, you probably have quite a few. One of the objectives I have for this blog is to help you achieve as many of your goals as possible, and to do so with the least amount of effort possible. One of the most common misconceptions around goal setting is that

3 Keys to Making Prayers Work

In a moment of desperation, I stumbled onto the 3 keys to making prayers work.  They’re the core elements of my Harmonic Prayer system. I had found myself homeless in a city where I didn’t know anyone, and had a desperate need for some quick cash so I could rent a place to stay and get some food. One morning, after walking the streets all night, I stumbled into a bookstore to get warm and

This Seems to be Working

This is interesting. I’m already getting positive feedback on the new Wealth Symbolic Change Process meditation, which has been released to a private test group. Here’s an example of what has come in. This is from Cindy, who has had access to other, more in-depth recordings, which could have helped with her results. Hi Alan I just got back from a fun day of shopping with a good friend, had an unexpected and welcomed day