How to Use Your Imagination to Get Results

Yesterday, I shared a process you could use to find out what you REALLY want.  There are a few ways to enhance this process so it can give you so much more.

First, let’s recap the core process itself.

As always, you start by relaxing yourself as much as you can.  Pretend you’re going to take a short nap.

When you feel yourself getting drowsy and going into a semi-trance state, you are very close to your deeper mind, that part of you that is connected to the Divine Mind, and has access to all knowledge and wisdom.

Oh, there’s another critical piece of the puzzle.


Trust that this process will work. Trust that your deeper mind can and will help you. Trust that you’ll get the information you seek.

As I’ve been teaching for years, our beliefs affect everything that happens in our lives, and that includes the process I’m talking about here.

For now, do your best to DECIDE to trust the process. Ignore any doubt-type thoughts that may enter your mind. Use your willpower to affirm your decision to trust.

Okay, so now that you trust the process and have relaxed completely, the next step is to ask your deeper mind to show you what you want most.  The more you’ve practiced visualizing, the better the images you’ll see within your mind.

Now, one way you can enhance this process is to ask your deeper mind to improve the quality of the images it shows you. If you’re relaxed deeply enough and trust the process, it’s amazing how vivid and realistic the images can be.

When you’re in this space, you can also give your deeper mind instructions. Here are a few suggestions.

You can instruct your deeper mind to keep you motivated to continue doing whatever is necessary to manifest your goals.

You can instruct your deeper mind to give you any information you may need to complete your task. This information may be given to you directly, within the session itself, or you may be guided to it soon after.

You can instruct your deeper mind to show you what would happen if you were to take certain actions. This is good if you want to check out the possible consequences beforehand.

You can instruct your deeper mind to shift your beliefs so that you fully EXPECT success in whatever you want to do. I’m finding that this works even better than the techniques in my “Choose To Believe” book.

You can also instruct your deeper mind to let go of old desires that no longer serve you and prefer something else that is more appropriate to who you are now.

(This last one is helpful if the desires your deeper mind shows you do not align with what you consciously want to manifest into your life.)

It is my current understanding that we are co-creators with the Divine, and it is up to us to (consciously) choose the visions we wish to create, and then communicate those visions to our deeper minds, and thus to the Divine Mind, which then manifests our visions for us.

The process I’m sharing with you now seems to be the most direct route to making contact with the Divine Mind, and therefore the most effective and efficient way to manifest.

This is why I’m now working on creating audio programs that help you go deeper and clearly communicate what you want in a way that gets maximum results with minimum effort.

In fact, the only effort involved is to sit back and listen.

Those who are in the test group have the opportunity to get these new recordings as part of their membership.  For everyone else, I’m working on setting up a new program, one that allows for low-cost access to the new material.