This Seems to be Working

This is interesting.

I’m already getting positive feedback on the new Wealth Symbolic Change Process meditation, which has been released to a private test group.

Here’s an example of what has come in.

This is from Cindy, who has had access to other, more in-depth recordings, which could have helped with her results.

Hi Alan

I just got back from a fun day of shopping with a good friend, had an unexpected and welcomed day off. This morning I listened to this meditation, I think it was the 2nd set, haven’t tried them all yet. I really like it.

My imagined sensation of pleasure was a reproduced scene of swimming last summer with my grandson in the river, I felt then and in my imagination like a kid again. Just enjoying the feel of the water, the sun, the laughter of Troy and his grandpa. Just focusing on that joyous feeling.

I was brought into my deeper mind quickly.

The colour I saw was green, the wealth symbol was a lotus flower.

The night before we had planned to go an hour to the north for our shopping trip but this morning I had an strong urge to go the other way because I wanted to go to a certain store. Well sure enough there was a big sale with 50% off of ladies clothing, had a great day and saved a lot of money.

Even won a few bucks playing keno during lunch.

After the meditation this morning I searched for the picture of a lotus flower that I took last summer in the pond and set it as my desktop. I didn’t see any lotus flowers on my trip today but when we got back into town, I dropped Pam off at her car, she said there is Angel’s (her sister) sign for her restaurant. Pam said she placed it there because that flower, the daffodil is some kind of symbol to her.

Wow, well I don’t think you should tweak a thing of this meditation. It certainly works for me. Maybe it is working for you too.


I can also report that in my own life, I’m seeing positive results. Not only did a lot more folks grab a copy of this meditation than I expected, but I’ve had a number of other sales come in as well, from folks who aren’t even a part of this new venture.

In addition, I was called in to do some headshots for a local group, so that was some unexpected money as well.

I sense some other things coming together, but it’s too early to report any results there.