Getting to the Core of What You REALLY Want

My last couple of messages have described little tricks you can do to improve the quality of your visualizations, and therefore the effectiveness of your manifestation efforts.

First, there was the exercise where you look at a physical object, then close your eyes and remember what you saw, then repeat this over and over again until what you see inside your mind matches what you see with your physical eyes.

Then, there was the idea of imagining a bright light, which amazingly, improves your ability to visualize details.

Here’s another little trick that can help.

Rather than working to ‘fix’ all the little details of your visualization in place, simply ask your deeper mind to show you a visual representation of what you desire.

Relax as much as you can (so you’re in closer connection with your deeper mind) and then ask for a vision of what you desire most.

It’s amazing how much richer and more detailed our visualizations can be when we ask our deeper mind to construct them than when we try to do it consciously.

Another thing this idea brings to light is that when you think about the difference between what you THINK you want and what you REALLY want, you realize that your deeper mind is the source of your true desires.

This means that whatever it shows you is what you REALLY want, and not just a product of what others have told you you SHOULD want.

For instance, I realized long ago that while I may consciously THINK I want to be rich, what I REALLY want is simply to be comfortable, as long as I can be of service.

What about you? What do you REALLY want?  I’d be interested to hear if this brings up any surprises for you.