A Quick Key to More Powerful Visualizations

This last winter, as I was refreshing my memory of hypnotic techniques to use in the new test recordings, I ran across an idea that has dramatically helped my visualizations.

As soon as I started using it, the images inside my mind have become clearer, sharper, and much more detailed.

Here’s the idea.

Before you begin, imagine a bright light.

The idea here is that most of us try to visualize in the dark, which is what we normally see when we close our eyes.  And yet, when you imagine a bright light, the effect is the same as if you turn on a physical light.

It’s easier to see.

Again, the reason we’re working to improve our ability to visualize is to enhance the vividness of our imagination, which will improve your manifestation results.

The more vivid your imagination, the more definite your manifestations.

Give this idea a try, and let me know how it works for you.