3 Keys to Making Prayers Work

In a moment of desperation, I stumbled onto the 3 keys to making prayers work.  They’re the core elements of my Harmonic Prayer system.

I had found myself homeless in a city where I didn’t know anyone, and had a desperate need for some quick cash so I could rent a place to stay and get some food.

One morning, after walking the streets all night, I stumbled into a bookstore to get warm and hopefully find an answer.  That’s when I discovered the incredible power of prayer.

Flipping through a book by Joseph Murphy, I found a simple 4-step process to getting real results from prayers.

As I followed the steps in my mind, I felt myself relax, as if a heavy weight were dropped from my shoulders.  I also felt an incredible sensation of joy spring up from within me, as if a fountain had been turned on.  Although nothing actually happened in the space around me, it was like the clouds parted and angels started singing.

Later that same day, I found $70 on the sidewalk, which allowed me to rent a room for a week and fill my belly.

When prayers work, they work quickly.

The problem I ran into was that I couldn’t repeat the experience any time I wanted.  Some times it worked, and other times it didn’t.  It took me YEARS of study, experimentation, and a lot of trial and error to finally map out what happened in that bookstore.

The basic process is simple, but depends on several factors.  Factors that just happened to be in place when I had my first real experience of prayers actually working.

Faith, focus, and a feeling.

Although most folks believe in a God who answers prayers, the process of prayer I describe in my book, Harmonic Prayer, works on multiple levels, including a basic psychological level.  Because of this, Harmonic Prayer works even if there is no God, and if there’s nothing beyond the physical level of reality.

While the first step is labeled “Get in Harmony With God”, the actual process is one of relaxing and focusing on positive emotions.

My experience in the bookstore felt like a feeling of a weight falling from my shoulders and a sensation of joy welling up within me.  That’s the feeling we’re going after in the Harmonic Prayer process.

On a psychological level, what this does is to relax the barrier between the conscious and subconscious mind, allowing them to communicate with each other more easily.  From the atheist point of view, prayer is a form of self-hypnosis, during which you program your subconscious mind to resonate with a goal.

When you program your inner mind this way, it goes to work to call your attention to things that will help, and gives you the inner motivation to do the right things to make it happen.

Sometimes, it’s amazing how much of an impact something as simple as phrasing a question a little differently can have on the people around us.  Say it one way, and they ignore you. Say it a different way, and they want to help.

Here’s a little trick that will help.

Whenever you find yourself indulging, such as with a delicious desert, bit of candy, or even sitting by a fire with a loved one, allow yourself to get lost in the feeling.  Really soak it in, and pay attention to the natural joy that wells up within you.

If you can, lose yourself in that feeling, and see if you can imagine it growing more and more intense, to the point where the sensations completely overtake you.  If you do it right, any small indulgence can be just as enjoyable as sex.

The more you can relax and lose yourself in feelings of joy and satisfaction, the more you get your subconscious mind ready to work for you instead of against you.

And if you want to slip in a request for help in reaching your goals, go right ahead, because this is when your subconscious mind will be most agreeable to helping the outer you.

And, of course, if you believe in prayer, extend your request for help to whatever Divine Being you believe is capable of helping you.