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New Video: Improving Your 2020 Vision

I have a couple of things for you today. First is a new video. This was a presentation I did this past Sunday, which was VERY well received by the audience. If you’ve ever struggled with keeping a positive focus, this presentation will give you a few things that will help. I’d also like to mention that since the first of the year, I’ve been working on a new course. It’s called Divine Dynamics, and

The Power of Cycles

Since I last wrote, winter has hit Michigan. It’s kind of strange. Both last year and this year, the trees held on to their leaves until our first snow. Actually, at the moment, we still have a few trees with green leaves on them. I guess they are the ones ignoring physical reality and focusing on the type of weather they would rather have. On one hand, this can be seen as an admirable persistence.

Divine Dynamics: The Science of Manifesting Miracles

I’ve got a new video for you. This past Sunday, I did another 45-minute workshop on tapping into your own Divine Power to manifest a lifetime of joy and happiness. It’s called Divine Dynamics, and you’ll see it below. In this workshop, you’ll see how I combine many of the ideas I’ve shared over the years into a single system that helps you get EVERYTHING you want with a minimum of effort. You’ll also get

Changing Lives for Fun and Profit

I recently presented a workshop focused on helping folks find a fun and rewarding way to earn a living, and maybe even become financially wealthy. One of the things I really love about the audience for this workshop is that they are focused on being of service to the world around them.  I love this because it reflects a belief I picked up from Zig Ziglar many years ago — “You can get anything you

A Trip to Egypt – A PowerPoint Presentation

I’m adding a new video to my portfolio here to showcase how a PowerPoint presentation may be converted to an online presentation. The challenge with doing videos of a live presentation using PowerPoint is that often, the lights are dimmed so the audience can see the screen, and rarely is is possible to get a clean video of the material projected. Not much can be done about recording video in a dark room.  You either

Unlocking Your Infinite Prayer Power

I just posted the video from my talk last night at the local Coptic Center.  In this talk, I provide some details on how we can increase our ability to use the 3 key factors which make prayer work, namely Faith, Focus, and Feeling. This talk wraps up with a guided walkthrough of the Harmonic Prayer process, in which I introduced a new element to help increase your faith in the coming manifestation. Enjoy!

Recording Fireworks

A nephew of mine brought in some fireworks to a family get together, and it was a perfect opportunity for me to test out my ability to capture quality video from such a display.  I think we all did rather well — Jeff, myself, and my DVX200. Video was shot with VLOG, at UHD 60fps and 1/120 shutter speed, at base ISO (500).  First part was shot with the iris wide open (F2.8), and about

Harmonic Prayer Workshop

A little over a week ago, I gave a 45-minute preview of my new Harmonic Prayer workshop to a local group.  In this preview, you get the main principles which make prayer work, and a simple 5-step process to ensure that you get maximum results from your prayers. Using these principles, and similar processes, I’ve been able to manifest things that have no physical explanation, such as controlling the weather, stopping a tornado, manifesting “found”

FPC Niles Flood Response

Here’s a recent project I worked on, doing both videography and editing for a video intended to elicit donations and volunteers to help out with continuing efforts to support those affected by a recent flood in the area of Niles, MI. I’ve pulled out the contact info for this version, but otherwise, it’s essentially what was delivered to the client. What was originally expected to be a short project ended up taking about 12 hours