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Eliminating the Blocks to Manifesting

Whenever you work on manifesting something big, something you’ve never done before, you’re bound to run into obstacles hindering your progress. In some cases, it’s nothing more than the regular, run-of-the-mill obstacles we all encounter from time to time. In most cases, though, they are the result of previous beliefs creating circumstances to maintain the status quo. For instance, you set aside a whole day to work on a new business venture, but end up

The Most Rewarding Meditations

In the process of manifesting something, you get a variety of different meditation experiences. Some of the most rewarding ones are also the most difficult. For example, just this morning, as I was sitting down to refocus my mind on my current manifestation project, I realized that this was going to be a tough one. The last few days have been busy, and I was tired. It wasn’t as easy to focus. So I had

Manifesting’s Secret Key

Do you know the most important thing you need to manifest your desires? Are you sure? For years, I thought I knew the answer to be the intensity of focus when visualizing your objective, but eventually came to realize that it was merely a belief I picked up from others. Later, I thought I knew the answer to be the level of belief I had in obtaining and having that which I desired. Actually, once

When You Don’t Really Know What You Want

Those who have been following my recent posts know that I’ve started working on a new manifestation for greater wealth. Partly to see what will happen when I approach it as if I “really needed” it. In other words, in the imagination portion of the process (relax, imagine, trust), I’m expressing an intense feeling of gratitude and joy, as if the increased wealth really made a dramatic difference in my life. When you’re comfortable and

Manifestation and Quantum Physics

Yesterday’s email sparked a number of questions, so I’d like to make sure everyone is clear on something. The majority of the questions went something like this: If you’re in a situation where different people believe different things, which beliefs produce the final result? Here’s the bottom line: If you want total control over the situation, you must assume (i.e. – believe) that you are the ONLY ONE influencing the situation. Now, I admit, this

Fundamental Beliefs for Manifesting

In yesterday’s post, I described the process I’m using now to manifest greater financial abundance. In today’s post, I’d like to start sharing some insights I’ve gained from using this process. The first thing to mention is that there are a few beliefs which form a foundation upon which the structure of this process is based. Beliefs such as: I have access to Divine Power, and can use it to create my own reality. The

Do This for Quick Results

Sometimes, when I’m writing about the results I’ve gotten from the techniques I teach, it seems the most impressive ones were from many years ago. Often, I remind myself that it’s because back then, I really NEEDED quick results, and since then, I’ve set up conditions where I don’t need a miracle just to get by. Other times, I wonder how much more could I manifest if I approached it as if I really did

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Activating Your Success GPS

This video is perhaps one of the best introductions to the Symbolic Solutions process I’ve been talking about this past year. The last 10 minutes of this 31 minute video is a guided meditation in which I lead the audience through a process to get guidance on something they would like to accomplish. Over half of those attending said that they got good, usable information. Of course, this is just a sample of what you

Guilty Pleasures

Think of something you enjoy. Now, think of something you enjoy SO MUCH, you’d be willing to do anything for it. No limits here.  Go ahead and indulge yourself. What does it feel like? What would it feel like if the experience were 10 times more powerful?  100 times? Now, what if you had a symbol within your mind, and any time you thought of that symbol, you would immediately feel that incredibly intense pleasure?