Using Symbols to Enhance Manifestation

Symbols are everywhere.

Businesses use them as logos.

Symbols are used on many public signs.

All of the icons on your computer and/or phone are symbols.

For a period of time, we even had a major celebrity use one as his name.

Actually, when you think about what symbols ARE –a representation of something else — even common names are themselves symbols.

“Alan Tutt” is a symbol for the person I am.

As they say in NLP, the map is not the territory.

Stretching the definition a bit, all words are symbols, because they represent something other than themselves.

Anything that causes you to think of something else is a symbol.

A special song that brings up positive feelings is also a symbol for those feelings.

The question to answer today is “How can we use symbols to improve our ability to manifest our desires?”

The short answer is to surround yourself with symbols that cause you to feel calm, confident, and represent the thing(s) you want to manifest.

This is one reason why you see portraits of famous people in the offices of high-level executives, and why some folks keep trophies on display.

It’s also why some folks create things like “treasure boards” with photos of places and things they would like to attract into their lives.

Fair warning, though. If you hang up a photo of something you want to manifest, but every time you look at it you feel depressed or unworthy, that photo will do more harm than good.

In other words, it’s not the right symbol for you.

You need to find one or more symbols that elicit within yourself the RIGHT feelings.

Feelings of confidence, success, worthiness, joy, love, satisfaction, and gratitude.

If you remember the core factors that power the manifestation process — faith, focus, and feeling — you’ll know what your symbols should represent.

Here’s a process that will help you find the BEST symbols to use in manifesting.

As usual, the first step is to relax as deeply as you can. For this, you need a strong connection with the Divine Mind within, and for this, a deep alpha or light theta is best.

If necessary, you can use a BWE (BrainWave Entrainment) recording to help you get there.

I have a few available at:

The Meditation package is a good one for this.

To help you make a STRONG connection with your deeper mind, it’s good to take a moment or two and indulge in some positive memory.

It can be as simple as getting a hug from a loved one, or the feeling of getting a massage.

Maybe you get a more intense feeling of joy from daydreaming about playing on the beach, or sitting by a campfire.

Whatever works is fine.

Allow yourself to drift into a deep level of relation within a feeling of joy and pleasure.

This connects you with your Divine Essence.

When you feel settled in this space, speak to your deeper mind and explain what you want. You could ask for more powerful manifestation ability, or you could ask for the manifestation of a specific desire. Totally up to you.

Take as long as you need to fully define what you’re after. Once you have a symbol, you’ll have a tool to shortcut the process.

Next, ask your deeper mind to give you a symbol to represent a successful manifestation of what you have just described.

Now, allow yourself to be open to whatever comes to mind.

It could be a color, a sound, an image, or something else entirely.

To give you some examples, when I asked my own deeper mind for a symbol for success, I got the sound of a band playing a marching tune.

In another situation, I got a symbol of a fat executive sitting with his feet on his desk, smoking a cigar.

For another situation, I got a symbol of a golden trophy in the shape of an angel holding a globe.

This last one is the one I think of most often.

The symbol I got when asking for better focus was the image of a circle with 4 quadrants, much like the crosshairs of a rifle.

In one of my workshops, a lady got a symbol of a particular dance move.

Your symbol could be anything.

Once you have a symbol, thank your deeper mind for its assistance.

From here, you could spend a few minutes in deep relaxation imagining the successful result of your manifestation (which will direct more Divine Power towards making it happen) or you could simply bring yourself back to normal outer consciousness.

After the session, consider how you can remind yourself of this symbol often.

While it might be best to place a physical copy of your symbol where you can see it as you go about your normal activities, thinking of your symbol from time to time works just as well.

Here are some simple examples of how you can use symbols in manifesting.

From time to time, I imagine a project I want completed with a giant checkmark on it, representing that the project is DONE.

When I want to “anchor” something in place, I imagine a giant boat anchor holding it.

When I’m about to give a talk, I imagine a cheering audience.

When I’m writing these emails, I imagine them covering the whole world, enriching humanity.

To maintain a high level of health, I sometimes imagine my body conforming to a “perfect template” and seeing within my mind a calendar showing the year 3000.

All of this works better when we are relaxed, feeling good, and using our symbols as a shortcut to defining all the little details of what we want to manifest.

Practice this a few times, and in my next post, we’ll continue our exploration into the power of symbols to manifest our desires.