You Are In Full Control of Your Destiny

One of the key lessons I’ve been getting at these last few posts is that despite what many people have tried to teach you, YOU are in full control over your destiny.

What happens in your life doesn’t matter on who you know, what products you buy, what religion you follow, what affirmations you repeat, or even what stars you were born under.

Everything that comes into your life is there for one simple reason.

It resonates with what you believe.

Now, I understand that a lot of folks have trouble wrapping their heads around this idea.

Often, I’ll hear someone say that they believed one specific thing in one specific situation, and the end result did not turn out anything like they believed at that time.

For instance, they may say they fully believed that they had a happy marriage, but found out later their spouse was seeing someone else.

Or they might say they believed they were perfectly healthy, but a doctor’s tests revealed a major problem.

This is something I addressed very specifically in my Choose To Believe material, in what I called a Belief Hierarchy.

You see, there are different LEVELS of belief, and the beliefs we have about surface conditions are actually the weakest beliefs in the system.

Our beliefs about ourselves, the world at large, and the nature of reality have more power to shape the course of our lives.

For instance, if you believed you had a happy marriage, but also believed that people can’t always be trusted, that is enough to manifest a situations in which your partner might engage in extra-marital activities.

Most people believe that life doesn’t always match up with their beliefs.

Guess what this belief manifests?

You got it. This belief manifests situations where reality does not match your surface beliefs.

Guess what would happen if ALL of your beliefs conformed to the core idea that you are in complete control over your life, that nothing happens by chance, and the universe itself bends to your will?

I’d have to say the result of this type of belief system would be fairly magical.

Now, if this type of thinking seems at odds with reality, that just means you believe something else.

Something less likely to produce magical results.

However, as they say, all is not lost.

There are many ways to shift your beliefs to support a more magical life experience.

Affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, EFT, reiki, and prayer are some of the basics.

There are also enhancements you could add to any of these to make them even more effective.

That was the main purpose behind my book, Choose To Believe.

In that book, I collected every possible technique I could find to help one change what they believed and therefore manifest a more enjoyable life experience.

What I’ve been sharing in these posts (relax, imagine, trust) is just the one technique I’ve found to be the most effective.

It’s not the only one, to be sure.

Since you’re still reading, I’d like to give you a free copy of my Choose To Believe book.

Absolutely no charge.

In fact, here’s a direct link to download it:

If you click the link above and the book opens in your web browser, go into the File menu and click “Save As” to save a copy to your computer.

That way, you can always get to it no matter what happens with the website.

Just make sure to save it somewhere you will remember to find it again.

Above all else, it’s important that you understand that beliefs are at the heart of all manifestation, and if you want to experience something better, you must believe in something better.

Whatever it takes to help you find a reason to believe is good and useful.

I’m pulling for you.