Is Your Manifestation Machine Plugged In?

My last several posts have focused on how we can use symbols to enhance our ability to manifest our desires.

With symbols being such an integral part of daily life, and the fact that our brains are especially suited to associating symbols with reality, it just makes sense to use them as shortcuts.

But as you’ve heard before, there can be too much of a good thing.

If you focus too much on symbols, it’s easy to forget that they merely serve to remind you of the ideas behind them, so you can focus and direct your inner Power to turn ideas into reality.

Visualizing a white light energy around you as a protective shield can be a good way to focus your mind on the idea that you are protected, and anything that could cause you harm (physically or otherwise) will be redirected elsewhere.

Where many folks go wrong with the use of symbols is they forget that in order for the symbols to work, a direct connection to the source of Divine Power within themselves needs to be established and maintained.

In other words, if you aren’t plugged in, your manifestation machine won’t work.

I made this mistake myself, and forgot for many years that the symbolic visualizations I used were powered by meditations where I focused on channeling Divine Power.

Granted, I had enough of a belief in myself and my ability to manifest, I continued to get positive results for years before I needed to refresh the connection.

Which brings up an interesting point.

Yes, you need to reconnect with your Divine Essence from time to time, but you don’t really need to do it every day.

In the beginning, though, it can be helpful to reconnect daily—or even hourly—to build and strengthen your connection so you can get better, faster, and more consistent results.

And yes, you can even use symbols to help you maintain your connection.

Just follow the process I gave you in a previous post to relax deeply into yourself and ask for a symbol to represent a fully-charged connection.

And then bring that symbol to mind whenever you want to focus on manifesting something.

Maybe you’ll get a symbol like the icon on your phone indicating a fully-charge battery, or maybe you’ll think of plugging in a power cord, or possibly your symbol will resemble the hum of a diesel truck engine.

Whatever symbol your deeper mind gives you will be the best one for YOU.

And that brings me to the other main danger of focusing too much on symbols.

Symbols do not have any power of their own, other than to help you focus YOUR power on an objective.

Drawing a pentagram on the floor, or building a pyramid to sit inside, or placing crystals around your house isn’t going to do anything, UNLESS you believe in them, AND have an affinity for these specific symbols.

It’s your BELIEF in the symbols that does the work, not the symbols themselves.

The same goes for amulets, talismans, candles, incenses, essential oils, mantras, poetic spells, and most of what you see sold online as a system for manifesting your desires.

Unless they address the foundational principles behind manifestation, they are merely symbols.

And as you know from this series, the foundational principles are faith, focus, and a feeling of connection with the Divine.

If someone tells you “this works whether you believe in it or not”, that’s just them helping you believe in what they’re describing.

That’s enough for today.

If you want more, review the last video I referenced, which is a good review of the foundational principles of manifestation.

In my next post, I’ll start a new topic.

Chat with you then!