More Twists & Turns—and a Deeper Understanding of Manifestation

In my last post, I explained how the principle of karma is at the heart of manifestation, and how it can be used to get massively positive results.

In short, the more you are a blessing to others, the more the universe will bless you in return.

And you can be a blessing to others through a conscious focused intent to send blessings to them using the core process I’ve been talking about.

Relax, imagine, and trust.

When you see yourself as a source of good experiences, then good experiences are a natural expression of who you are, both in your own life and the lives of others.

And this is why when you do good things for others, you naturally attract good things for yourself.

What you give, you get.

The core idea here is sound, although it’s not the whole truth.

To get to the whole truth, you really have to keep in mind the fact that everything you experience is an extension of what you believe.

It’s only natural that in a society where we get paid to do a job, and friends return favors for favors, that we expect the universe to operate more-or-less in a similar fashion.

In reality, it does not.

When we create “positive karma” to attract more blessings into our lives, it’s not the good deeds which activate the process, but our BELIEF that we deserve good things to come to us.

If we could simply CHOOSE to believe that good things are coming, they will.

I’ve met quite a few folks who regularly lied, cheated, stole, and hurt other people, but believed they were blessed and deserved good things, and against all “logic”, they attracted many positive experiences into their lives.

Most people see this and think it’s not fair.

But when you understand that it’s our beliefs which create our experiences, you find that it’s perfectly fair.

If you want more positive experiences in your life, you just have to believe that your life is full of positive experiences.

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have it, and you will have it.”

This is the same reason some folks can work very hard for 12 hours a day and never succeed.

It’s not the amount of work you do that makes you successful, it’s your belief in your own success.

Here again, I’ve met a number of folks who started a business in which they had NO experience, and were able to become successful in that business.

Their own confidence attracted customers who mistakenly believed these folks actually knew what they were doing.

Personally, I don’t like the idea, but reality doesn’t care whether I like it or not.

What works, works.

On one hand, we could look at all this and bemoan the injustice.  On the other hand, we can use this to our advantage and simply choose to believe that we deserve the best in life and allow it to come into our experience.

Would you rather complain or celebrate?

I know which one I choose.

Our objective–our impossible mission, as it were–is to ignore whatever is happening outside ourselves and simply focus on the reality we want to create, with vivid detail, positive emotion, and faith that it will actually manifest.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to take a break during each day, focus on something enjoyable, and allow the idea that “right now, this moment is good” to fill your mind.

Escape from current reality for a moment and allow yourself to focus on a reality where everything is perfect, and you are well rewarded for being you.

The more you relax, indulge in positive emotions, and focus on this idea, the easier it is to trust that good things are coming to you right now.

You could even imagine that while you are in this meditative state, you have been transported to an alternate dimension where everything in your life has been perfect for many years, and when you come out of your meditation, you will be able to live in this new reality for the rest of time.

You just might be surprised at how much better your life becomes by doing this.

Depending on how intensely you relax, indulge, imagine, and trust the process, you may see small results gradually improving, or you might see dramatic results instantly.

It all depends on what you can believe.

Again, the process I’ve been sharing with you can help you shift your beliefs better than anything else I’ve found in my 35+ years of research and experimentation.

Relax deeply, into alpha or theta.

Indulge in positive emotions.

Imagine what you want as if it’s happening right here, right now, and you’re in the middle of it.

Trust that you will see positive results soon.

Do this, and you’ll see many blessings being showered over your life.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.