Prosperity Meditation

One thing that I’ve found to work wonderfully in shaping my thoughts for prosperity is to imagine what life will be like when I have the level of prosperity that I desire. Spending time thinking about prosperity helps to guide your mind along the proper pathways to attract true prosperity into your life.

Here is a little something that should help you imagine your life filled with prosperity.

There’s something magical about being able to get up in the morning, without a schedule to get out into the world and get to work right away. Waking up to a peaceful home, sipping a cup of hot cocoa, doing some stretches and light exercise to free up the internal energy, and bringing myself in for a centering meditation all come together to form the perfect morning routine.

Now that I’ve set up my income sources, I can look forward to this kind of routine more often. After so many years of struggling along, barely able to get by with a full workload, and working on jobs that I really didn’t want to, the present reality still seems a little ‘unreal’. Of course, knowing the nature of Power and the mind that directs it, I realize that this feeling comes from a concept of myself that is not appropriate, and I will spend some time readjusting my thoughts so that I don’t slip back into old patterns.

I focus my mind on the concept of owning income sources, which is quite different from working for money. I do not need to work for my money, it comes in on it’s own since I have investments that are paying off well. In my case, my investments are investments of time, not of money. I invested my time to create income sources. Investment sources can also be purchased, and I’m sure that some day I will have enough money to purchase additional income sources as well. This will come in time, and I know that it will happen as surely as the sun rises each new day.

I am pleased with myself for having learned how to create income sources, and I am grateful that this kind of reality is possible in this world. I am full of pleasure now, thinking of how this line of reality will progress into greater realms of freedom and possibility. As the images within my mind blossom and expand, new visions of wonder and insight burst forth. My vision shows me new things that I was not previously aware of, and that will lead me to greater experiences of prosperity. The wisdom of my inner mind guides me unerringly to the pinnacle of success, showing me the next step I need to take.

And as I take each new step, I find myself becoming more and more my real self, that image of me that I always wanted to see. I hear myself saying the kinds of things that I feel are coming from my best self. I have a sense that everything is moving in the right direction.

I feel good where I am now, and I anticipate feeling even better as I move forward into the future. There is no rush, yet I feel that I want to get started with my day, so that I may do some good for the world. Thank you, Infinite Creator, for making me who I am and giving me the talents I express in my work.

Thank you.