How to Draw More People to You (Friends, Customers, etc.)

My wife and I are planning a trip to Florida this month to visit her cousin, and we’re sure to spend a day at one of the Disney theme parks.

Linda’s cousin, Nancy, LOVES Disney.  In fact, you could say she’s HOOKED!  Of course, she isn’t the only one.  Every year, more than 130 MILLION people visit DisneyWorld.

So, what brings so many people to a Disney theme park?  Especially since their ticket prices are somewhat higher than the average.

Answering this question might help you understand how you could get more customers willing to pay what you’re actually worth, right?  It would also help you develop stronger relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and all the other important people in your life.

It really boils down to ONE thing.  And this one thing is why no one at Disney has to write a 20-page sales letter to bring folks in.  It’s why they never have to rely on psychological “tricks” to get people to buy tickets.

This one thing is also why the “bad boys” often get the girl, even when the girl knows she’s likely to get hurt or disappointed.

Without it, you’ll have to do a LOT more work to reach your goals, whatever they may be.  Not understanding this point is what kept me in lack and limitation for far too many years.

Are you ready to know that it is?

Okay, I’m just playing with you.  😉

What attracts so many MORE people to Disney theme parks than any of the others is because Disney theme parks are MORE FUN!  They’re a lot more than just a bunch of roller coasters, water slides, and food stands.

Disney parks have CHARACTER.  And not just the mice, ducks, dogs, and other cartoon characters brought to life.  An employee at a Disney park is referred to as a “cast member”.  Engineers who design new attractions are called “Imagineers”.  Park visitors are referred to as “guests”.

Disney takes every step possible to weave a web of magic to make every guest’s stay memorable.

When someone makes you feel good, and you enjoy being with them, you naturally want to spend more time with them.

The basic rule of relationships, right?

Now, flip this around.  Is there someone you’d like to spend more time with?  Are there potential customers you’d like to get into your business more often?  The solution to both is simple.

Make it more fun for them to be there with you.

Now, it may take a while before they recognize that being with you is going to be more fun.  Especially if their previous experience with you has been “less than ideal”.  The more history you have to overcome, the longer it’s going to take to start over again.

Be patient.   Be persistent.  Be positive.  Be pro-active.

Follow this one basic rule, and all of your relationships will grow into sources of joy.

And if they don’t, move on.  There’s always someone who will appreciate the effort you put into making a relationship enjoyable for all involved.

Before I met my wife, Linda, I got frustrated at never having a solid relationship, and bought a book that radically changed my life.  It’s less than $15 on Amazon.

How to Get Your Lover Back: Successful Strategies for Starting Over (& Making It Better Than It Was Before)

After reading this book, I decided that the relationships which had just ended wasn’t worth the effort.  But the book still helped me when I met Linda.

Because of what I learned in the book above, I was able to be more understanding when Linda told me that she wasn’t ready for a relationship.    It guided me to do the right things at the right time to keep her interested, keep her respect, and draw her closer and closer to me until she was finally ready to make the relationship permanent.

We’ve been together for 18 years, and we’re still having fun together.  BTW, our 11th anniversary is coming up Saturday.

Okay, time to wrap this up.  The big lesson today is simple.

Make everything you do fun, and you’ll draw more people to you in everything you do.