Making 2018 Your Best Year Ever

It’s been a few months since I last wrote, and I apologize for being away for so long.

The time has been invested in doing a fresh round of testing of various manifestation methods to make sure I’m giving you the BEST info possible.

If you recall from the last batch of posts, I had started a project of manifesting a much larger degree of financial prosperity.

While I COULD have spent the last few months mailing out one promotion after another, I took a different path.

I did what most folks do.

I sat on the couch visualizing prosperity, and virtually dared the Universe to do it for me.

Believe it or not, I actually DID get some results from this.

A $20,000 gift came my way, as well as a host of new clients asking me to produce videos, and one client asking for a new website to be developed.

That’s one reason I’ve been away so long.

Obviously, I’ll get better results once I start implementing some of the many ideas that came to me while I was meditating.

One idea that hit me really took me by surprise, but a bit of thinking revealed the perfect logic behind it.

You see, I’ve always thought of myself as an educator, helping people learn the specific things they need to know in order to accomplish their goals, whatever those goals might be.

To my mind, I did not want to be thought of as a “motivational speaker”.

Yet, that’s exactly what I was told to do.

Now, you may see the perfect logic right away.

It took me a while to get it, but I finally understand that education without motivation is useless.

What good is it to know what to do if you never feel like actually doing it?

One of my biggest disappointments has been the many folks who have purchased my courses and audio programs, and never got around to using them.

I remember one free email series like that.  Most of the folks I talked to said they loved it and planned to start doing it when they had the time.

I wonder if any of them actually did.

Anyways, I’ve got some ideas of things to write about to help you get all fired up and ready to do something, as well as giving you a specific plan for what to do.

And since this January 10th marks the 15th anniversary of starting my online business, it’s a perfect time to start something new.

I hope you join me on this new journey and make 2018 your best year ever!

Wishing you the best of all good things.