What Would YOU Do if You Had a Million Dollars?

In Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”, he tells a story about a minister who had spent YEARS thinking of all the good he could do if he only had more money. In his mind, he needed a million dollars to get started.

Eventually, he realized that in all that time, he had never really DECIDED to take action and get the ball rolling so he could make his dream a reality.

So, one Saturday afternoon, he made a firm decision, to get a million dollars, and to do it within ONE WEEK.

Immediately, a flood of fresh ideas came to mind. He had a sermon to give the next day, and he’d call his talk, “What I would do if I had a million dollars.”

He notified the news media about his talk, and started working on jotting down notes for his speech the following day.

Sunday morning came, and as he was preparing to start the service, he realized he had left his notes at home. This turned out to be a good thing, because he didn’t really need them, and speaking without notes forced him to speak from his heart.

And it was a stirring speech. So much so, that when he has done, a man from the back row got up, walked to the front, and said, in essence,

“I believe you could do everything you said you could do if you had a million dollars. In fact, I believe in you so much, come to my office tomorrow and I’ll GIVE you that million dollars.”

True story. This minister’s dream became the “Armour Institute of Technology”, a very famous school.

Since Napoleon Hill published his book, countless others have stepped out on faith and made a firm decision to live their dreams and become wealthy in the process.

Some say that Napoleon Hill was responsible for creating more millionaires than anyone else in history.