How to Manifest Money

Today, I’m giving you something a little different.

Instead of answering another question, I’m going to share with you a story I just heard last night.

A friend of mine, Alix, was telling me about her most recent experience with manifesting money.

She started by imagining a lot of money, and used her willpower to focus her mind on her “mental template” with a firm belief that it would manifest.

Of course, this isn’t how she said it. I’m giving you the short version.

The first result, which happened in just a couple of days, was that she found $10 on the ground.

Next, Alix took a moment to allow herself to be excited about this result. This is important. When you allow yourself to feel good about small results, you make it easier for larger results to come into your experience.

Most folks call this the power of gratitude.

Having done this, she then imagined an extra ‘0’ so the $10 bill was perceived as a $100 bill.

This is something I mention often. ‘See’ the image of what you want in the physical space outside of yourself. This creates a more vivid memory, which supports a belief that you will experience the results you want, which in turn helps the manifestation to happen.

Alix’s next result came about as she ran into an old friend, who had recently gained a bunch of money. When she mentioned what she was doing, and how she had already seen positive results, he handed her a $100 bill.

Again, she allowed herself to be excited about the result, and again she imagined another ‘0’ to make the $100 bill appear to be $1000.

A couple of days later, Alix got a call from her mom, who she had not talked to for years. Her mom said that even though Alix’s birthday wasn’t for a couple of months, she was going to send a card and a check.

As of this moment, Alix has not yet received it, but we fully expect the check to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000.

All through this story, I kept hearing how she was using the principles I’ve been writing about — imagination to ‘see’ what she wanted to manifest, willpower to focus her mind on the image, and a firm belief that what happens inside her mind affects the course of physical events.

When you get good at using these principles, and you allow yourself to celebrate the small victories, you grow in your ability to manifest larger and larger results to the point where nothing is impossible.

To get there, you have to keep practicing.

It’s like exercising. One 20-minute session won’t make you an Olympic champion.

You have to follow a plan of action and exercise on a regular basis. It could be short sessions every day, or longer sessions 2 or 3 times per week. It’s your choice.

And you’ll be able to manifest money as easily as Alix did.