Another Million Dollar Formula

Sometimes it seems there’s just too much to do, and all you want is to push a button and have everything you ever wanted fall into your lap.

Of course, we ‘know’ it just isn’t practical, is it?

One of the core principles behind my Choose To Believe material, as well as any good system for using what is sometimes known as the Law of Attraction (aka – the Power of Prayer), is that our beliefs become our reality.

The ‘Law’ of Attraction is that our beliefs act as a magnet, drawing into our experience the essence of what we believe.

As a great sage once said — “according to your faith is it done unto you.”

Whether you look at this principle as a religious idea or a scientific idea doesn’t really matter, as long as you understand that your beliefs become your reality.

The other thing to realize is that when we ‘know’ something, that’s just another way of saying we believe it 100%.

I ‘know’ that 2+2=4.
I ‘believe’ that 2+2=4.

Same idea, just using different words.

So when we ‘know’ it isn’t practical to look for instant solutions, like pressing a button to solve all our problems, the belief behind that ‘knowing’ creates our experiences to reinforce that which we believe so strongly.

Guess what would happen if we truly believed that we could actually push a button and have everything we wanted suddenly appear in front of us?

This concept is what I discuss in the Choose To Believe material under the heading of “Master Beliefs”. A Master Belief is a core belief that affects all other beliefs in such a way that the normal laws of the universe no longer apply.

Okay, I understand this may be too much to accept right now, so let’s just move on to today’s story.

There was once a man who owned a chain of drug stores, much like Walgreens or CVS. He lived with a very special Master Belief, that there is a Divine presence which guides him in everything he does, and thus making him successful.

One day, he encapsulated his Master Belief into a little prayer and started giving this prayer to other men, who used it to become successful in their own careers. In fact, everyone who used this prayer either became millionaires, or created all the wealth they wanted in their lives.

After a while, the creator of this prayer started calling it his “Multi-million Dollar Formula” since it had been responsible for creating so many millions for those who used it.

Those who receive this miracle-working prayer are instructed to say it aloud with a feeling of confidence and serenity, knowing the ideas expressed by the prayer will become real and take form in the world around them. They are also instructed to do this twice a day — once after awakening, and again right before going to bed.

Here’s that Million Dollar prayer:

I recognize the eternal source of all riches which never fails. I am Divinely guided in all my ways, and I adapt myself to all new ideas. Infinite Intelligence is constantly revealing to me better ways to serve my fellow man. I am guided and directed to create products that will bless and help humanity.

I attract men and women who are spiritual, loyal, faithful, and talented, and who contribute to the peace, prosperity, and progress of our business. I am an irresistible magnet and attract fabulous wealth by giving the best possible quality of products and services.

I am constantly in tune with the Infinite and the substance of wealth. Infinite Intelligence governs all my plans and purposes, and governs me in all my undertakings. I am at peace inwardly and outwardly at all times. I am a tremendous success. I am one with God, and God is always successful. I must succeed. I am succeeding now. I grasp the essentials of all details of my business.

I radiate love and goodwill to all those around me and to all my employees. I fill my mind and heart with God’s love, power, and energy. All those connected with me are spiritual links in my growth, welfare, and prosperity. I give all honor and glory to God.

I can tell you from my own experience that this prayer works miracles, and the concepts involved are the same concepts which make my own business successful.

Whenever I’m stumped for an idea, I remind myself that there is an Infinite Intelligence guiding me to do the right thing, and every time, ideas come from nowhere to solve the problem.

Again, you don’t have to believe in God or anything spiritual. You just have to believe that what you want IS COMING to you through one source or another.