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How to Triple Your Income in 3 Months

Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing — “Everything would be great if I just made more money.” “Nothing’s wrong in my life that a little money couldn’t fix.” “Once I get enough in the bank, THEN I can relax.” Money may not be everything, but it sure helps to ease the burdens of life, doesn’t it? Well, I’m certainly not going to tell you it’s wrong to want money, and I’m not going

How My Wife Attracts a Continual Flow of Business

My wife, Linda, was instrumental in helping me see more clearly the power of belief at work. She did it through her uncanny ability to attract a continual flow of business without doing a shred of marketing. And she doesn’t spend any significant time meditating, visualizing, affirming, or any of the other traditional methods of using the Law of Attraction. In fact, from an external viewpoint, it doesn’t look like she does ANY of those

How I Produced ‘Free Money’ with the Power of Belief

With so many people talking ‘recession’, I find the majority of folks need help manifesting greater financial abundance. I hear that jobs are scarce, no-one is hiring. Investment funds have bottomed out and are still shaky. Everyone is saving their money and not buying anything except necessities. Banks don’t want to lend money. On and on and on it goes. So where’s the problem? The real problem comes down to belief. (Saw that one coming,

How to Rapidly Eliminate Debt

Here is a formula for quickly getting out of debt that I’ve seen from a couple of different sources.  It takes a little discipline to follow to the end, but it’s well worthwhile.  Just imagine not having to pay out all that interest every month!  How much more could you afford to do if you didn’t have to pay interest any more? Step One: STOP USING CREDIT TO MAKE PURCHASES!! This is perhaps the most