How My Wife Attracts a Continual Flow of Business

My wife, Linda, was instrumental in helping me see more clearly the power of belief at work. She did it through her uncanny ability to attract a continual flow of business without doing a shred of marketing.

And she doesn’t spend any significant time meditating, visualizing, affirming, or any of the other traditional methods of using the Law of Attraction.

In fact, from an external viewpoint, it doesn’t look like she does ANY of those things at all.

I recently interviewed her for our members, and here is the essence of what she had to say:

First, and foremost, she firmly believes that God will take care of her and meet all of her needs. She also believes that God will guide her to do whatever she needs to do to facilitate business to come to her.

As she follows her inner guidance, she stays flexible to doing things that may not make sense to her conscious, reasoning mind. Doing so tends to open up new possibilities she would have never known about on her own.

She also points out that she’s been doing what she does (various music related services) for a while, and in doing so, has built up a lot of relationships with people who refer others to her.

The point of this last statement is that by focusing on being an expression of the Divine, she acts accordingly, and becomes a blessing to her clients, thus inspiring them to WANT to give her more business.

You can interpret this however you want, but I interpret it as, “the better we treat other people, the better they treat us.”

When asked what specific processes she uses, her response was that there really isn’t any. She lives in a state many of us would call meditation and/or prayer. As she does her daily activities — driving, washing dishes, etc. — she is constantly talking with God and communicating her needs and wishes, and expressing gratitude for the things she has received.

Somehow I just KNEW I had married a saint.

Not everyone is able to live in a constant state of prayer, although I think the basic attitude is one we can all live with more regularly.

By trusting God (or the Universe, Life, Mother Nature, …. whatever you want to call your higher wisdom), and expecting things to work out for the best, the best generally comes to you.