A Trip to Egypt – A PowerPoint Presentation

I’m adding a new video to my portfolio here to showcase how a PowerPoint presentation may be converted to an online presentation.

The challenge with doing videos of a live presentation using PowerPoint is that often, the lights are dimmed so the audience can see the screen, and rarely is is possible to get a clean video of the material projected.

Not much can be done about recording video in a dark room.  You either have enough light to get a good image, or you don’t.  And while the videographer may have lights to compensate, not all presenters are comfortable with video lights.

In this video, I did have a 3rd camera set to record the screen by itself.  Luckily, I didn’t need to use that video because the presenter was willing to export a set of image files and give me to source videos, which I could easily import into the video editing software.

In the end, we came up with a fairly decent final video which includes both the presenter and the presentation.

BTW – many of the images and video in the presentation came from my trip to Egypt in 2016.

For those who may want a similar presentation recorded, my rate on this project would be around $250, or $375 with a commercial usage license.  (I recently restructured my pricing.)