Symphony of Peace Prayers

Just finished editing and uploading a video which used a new piece of equipment — a Flycam stabilizer.  This is a “steadi-cam” type of tool, which helps to keep the camera steady when moving around.

Since this was my first time using it, I wasn’t as steady with it as I’d like, so I also ran the footage through a piece of stabilizing software — Mercalli V4.  This was a nice combination, and one I’ll be using in more videos.

Editing time was minimal, as I included everything and didn’t fuss too much with color correction.  (I was told the whole event would be outside, but the first part was inside, with a different color of light.)  As a result, this is a “low budget” piece that would run about $200, or $400 for commercial use.  The title sequence is a combination of 2 basic templates, with one minor edit to help them blend together.  The final result looks like it took a lot more time than it did.