DVX200 Flexibility

While this video is relatively simple, and the audio isn’t the greatest, I’m adding it to my video portfolio for a couple of reasons.

First, it highlights the flexibility of the new DVX200 I bought a few months ago.

For whatever reason, I wasn’t happy with the default color matrix, as many skin tones turned out a bit too yellow for my tastes.  From what I read online, this was a problem with earlier firmware versions, but was supposedly fixed along the way.

After watching a few YouTube videos, and reading Barry Green’s excellent book on this camera, I was able to tweak the color correction settings within the camera.  As I was recording the video below, I could honestly say I was truly happy with the colors I saw on the LCD screen.  I saw the same colors on my calibrated computer monitor, so there was very little work to be done in post to fix problematic colors.

I also used a feature in the camera to extend the dynamic range captured in the file, and was able to quickly tweak the highlights, shadows, and mid-tones for a pleasing presentation with good contrast.

This video also features an early attempt at creating my own custom titles.  Still a LOT to learn in that department!