Changing Lives for Fun and Profit

I recently presented a workshop focused on helping folks find a fun and rewarding way to earn a living, and maybe even become financially wealthy.

One of the things I really love about the audience for this workshop is that they are focused on being of service to the world around them.  I love this because it reflects a belief I picked up from Zig Ziglar many years ago — “You can get anything you want if life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

When you think about it, the foundation of all successful businesses is an exchange of value.  I give you this, you give me that.  I give you this useful product or service, you give me an equivalent value in money.

Sometimes, we don’t always see the value that someone is giving in exchange for the money they receive.  Professional athletes, comics, and politicians come to mind.  In most cases, the value is in the entertainment people get from watching what they do.

Other times, we don’t see how we can turn the thing we love to do into an income source.

I read an article a couple of years ago about someone who loved to play Frisbee and wanted to travel the world.  He spent days thinking about how he could earn a living doing those two things.  Then, one day in the shower, the idea hit him.  He could contact the company which makes the Frisbee, and strike a deal.  They would pay him to travel and play Frisbee with kids all over the world, and then use that as a publicity campaign to sell more Frisbees.  They agreed, and he found a way to turn his passion into an income.

Many people do a similar thing on YouTube.  They do what they love and record it, and companies sponsor their channel for the publicity and exposure.  This is how some people earn a living doing nothing more than playing video games or acting stupid.  The more flamboyant their personality, the larger the audience they can attract, and the more money they can make.

I recently heard Jim Carey repeat something his dad used to say.  Jim wasn’t just a ham, he was the whole pig.  Makes sense why he has become such a successful entertainer.

Being a good listener can be quite profitable as well.  One way of looking at the enormous success Oprah has experienced is that she has been a great listener, asking others to tell their stories and share their insights.

There’s a million ways to make a million dollars.  You just have to find the way that works for you.

As a result of this presentation, I got 10 signups for an 8-week class, out of an audience of less than 20.  If you’re in the Grand Rapids area and want a chance to take part of this class, contact me, and I’ll give you the details.

You can download the handout that was used in this presentation by CLICKING HERE.