Recording Fireworks

A nephew of mine brought in some fireworks to a family get together, and it was a perfect opportunity for me to test out my ability to capture quality video from such a display.  I think we all did rather well — Jeff, myself, and my DVX200.

Video was shot with VLOG, at UHD 60fps and 1/120 shutter speed, at base ISO (500).  First part was shot with the iris wide open (F2.8), and about half-way through I stopped it down to F5.  Minimal post-processing, with some simple contrast and saturation adjustments, as well as cutting some of the pauses between displays.  Otherwise, straight out of camera with no cropping or noise reduction.

Audio is heavily compressed, to bring down the loudness of the fireworks and allow the ambient sounds to come through more clearly.  Sound recorded with the DVX200’s built in mics.  Kind of interesting how the tree frogs came through, even when the fireworks are going off.

Edited in Magix Vegas Pro 15.