Month: August 2019

The Secret to Unlimited Manifesting Power

Are you ready, my friend? Are you ready to start living a life of fun and enjoyment, leaving all sense of frustration and pain in the past? Are you ready to move beyond the basics of manifesting and move into the inner circle of mastery? Have you practiced the simplified manifestation process I’ve been talking about these last couple of weeks? Have you practiced relaxing as deeply as you can? Have you practiced imagining the

Divine Dynamics: The Science of Manifesting Miracles

I’ve got a new video for you. This past Sunday, I did another 45-minute workshop on tapping into your own Divine Power to manifest a lifetime of joy and happiness. It’s called Divine Dynamics, and you’ll see it below. In this workshop, you’ll see how I combine many of the ideas I’ve shared over the years into a single system that helps you get EVERYTHING you want with a minimum of effort. You’ll also get

Closing the Loopholes in Manifesting

In Monday’s post, I talked about the relationship between willpower and indulgence, and how they relate to manifesting your desires. Today, I’m going to cover the role emotions play, and how to make sure the final result is at least as good as you envisioned it. A common misconception is that if you don’t specify EXACTLY what you want without any loopholes, you’re bound to get something you didn’t really want. One example is the

The Role of Indulgence and Willpower in Manifesting

So far in this series, I’ve shared with you a simple process for manifesting your desires, and have suggested that you can use the same process to improve your ability to use it. In case you missed that, the core process is: Relax, Indulge, Imagine, Trust, Act. Relax into an alpha/theta state of mind. Then elicit positive emotional feelings through whatever process works for you. With practice, you can simply IMAGINE an enjoyable experience, and

Promo Video for Coptics

I recently created a promo video for a local organization with which I am involved to help promote one of the courses they offer. The final video was pulled from three different recording sessions.  Two sessions were set up specifically for this video, while the ending segment came from a live event I recorded.  I was given free reign to edit the video as I saw fit, so editing time was relatively minimal.  About 4

Learning to Trust

Have you had a chance to watch that video I mentioned in my previous post? If not, here’s the link again: This is a 40-minute video where I talk about the core principles and process of manifesting. (BTW – We’re still getting to the new stuff. Just have to make sure everyone understands the basics first.) That video talks about the 3 F’s (Faith, focus, and feeling) as well as the core process. Relax,

Getting Maximum Results with Minimum Effort

Over the last few years, I’ve discovered a new way to get maximum results with minimum effort when manifesting. In fact, it can be as simple as taking a breath, imagining what you want, and KNOWING that it will happen. For the moment, I’m calling the core process Harmonic Prayer, although I’m open to using a different name, such as the RIT Manifestation Method, Divine Dynamics, or perhaps something like the Volic Satori Formula. The

What an AMAZING Year!

It’s been WAY TOO LONG since I last posted to this blog! Last year, I decided to do another “deep dive” into the nature of manifestation and pursued another round of experimentation to see if I could discover additional ways to get better results with less effort. To be honest, I was skeptical, as I felt I had already mapped out the best possible means of manifesting using my Harmonic Prayer process, with possible additions