Promo Video for Coptics

I recently created a promo video for a local organization with which I am involved to help promote one of the courses they offer.

The final video was pulled from three different recording sessions.  Two sessions were set up specifically for this video, while the ending segment came from a live event I recorded.  I was given free reign to edit the video as I saw fit, so editing time was relatively minimal.  About 4 hours of recording and 6 hours of editing.

My wife, Linda Missad, created the music to go with this video.

While this video shows some of what I can do when creating a promo video, the fact that I was one of the presenters in the video limited what I could do with the cameras.  As such, there are a number of technical issues with it, which would not happen if I were actually running the cameras like normal.

If you’re looking to have something like this created, expect to pay around $750 for non-commercial use, or about $1125 for commercial use.  That includes the recording sessions, editing, plus custom music.