Getting Maximum Results with Minimum Effort

Over the last few years, I’ve discovered a new way to get maximum results with minimum effort when manifesting.

In fact, it can be as simple as taking a breath, imagining what you want, and KNOWING that it will happen.

For the moment, I’m calling the core process Harmonic Prayer, although I’m open to using a different name, such as the RIT Manifestation Method, Divine Dynamics, or perhaps something like the Volic Satori Formula.

The key elements are Relax, Imagine, and Trust.

Yes, you may have heard me talk about this before, so that part isn’t new.

We’ll get the the new part of this in a bit.

First, I need to make sure everyone understand the core process.

The key steps to manifesting your desires revolve around relaxing into an alpha/theta state of mind, then imagining what you want as if it’s happening right here, right now, then trusting that it will actually happen.

When you do it right, it DOES happen.

Whether you’re directly involved or not.

This is what I did when I stood in the bookstore after having walked the streets all night those many years ago.

It’s also what I did when I ‘decided’ how many hours I would work each week in the die-cutting shop as a temp laborer.

And it’s what I do on a regular basis when I set out to manifest a set of weather conditions for an outdoor party or other event.

I take a breath to relax myself, pulling my focus away from the outside world and back to the core of my being and Universal Divine Power.

I then imagine the end result I want. I don’t necessarily imagine ALL the tiny little details, but enough so I know what I’m manifesting.

And then I let it go, trusting that I’ve already done the work, the manifestation process has been engaged, and will produce the desired effect.

This process is based on 3 key principles.

Faith, focus, and feeling.

I originally wrote about these 3 ideas in my book, “Harmonic Prayer“.

Except, at that time, I didn’t fully understand what was involved with the feeling aspect.

I now know that it’s actually 2 things — a feeling of relaxation into an alpha/theta level of mind, and a feeling of positive emotion, such as love, gratitude, or even sensual pleasure.

For this reason, I sometimes add a 4th step to the core process.

Relax, INDULGE, Imagine, and Trust.

When you relax and indulge in positive emotions, you make a strong connection with the Divine Mind, from which we get access to Universal Power.

Feel free to replace “Divine Mind” with “Infinite Intelligence”, “Universal Mind”, or the “Law of Attraction”. They all refer to the same thing.

That’s enough for one post.

When you have about 40 minutes to learn how to become a master manifestor, here’s a video where I talk about some of these new ideas about manifesting:

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.