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A New Type of Meditation

As I write this, I just finished the first draft of a script for a new type of meditation. It’s actually a cross between a guided meditation and a hypnosis script, using a unique concept for incorporating change.  I call it a symbolic change process. I originally got the idea while reading some Kindle ebooks written by someone who calls himself the “Rogue Hypnotist”.  (BTW – they’re great ebooks, and well worth the 99 cent

Who You Are vs. Who You Want To Be

One of the most common issues that comes up for many folks when considering how they may improve their lives tends to be expressed in the phrase, “But that’s not who I am!” Here’s an example. For most of my life, I’ve always been the “behind the scenes” guy supporting others out in the spotlight. In fact, I was very uncomfortable being the center of attention. I even justified it with the idea that I

Better Results with Less Effort

The last time I wrote, I described a way to make it so you ENJOY sticking to your resolutions. It’s amazing how much easier it is to reach your goals when your deeper mind gives you pleasure whenever you do the things that will get you there.  It’s like the stories you hear of people reprogramming their minds so that the pain of having a tooth drilled leads to orgasm. The process I described then

How to Actually ENJOY Sticking to your Resolutions

Did you know that the vast majority of folks who set New Year’s Resolutions give up on them before the end of January? What about you? Do you find the pressure of past habits too much to overcome? If so, I have a suggestion for you that can eliminate all of the effort of sticking with your resolutions. Here’s the core of the idea. Think about this. How much willpower do you need to follow

The Power of Open-Ended Statements

I’m currently working on a script for the next recording to be posted to the new test group member area. A segment just came together, which is so incredibly powerful, I wanted to share it with everyone right away. Here it is: “If there are any additional beliefs that would make your life easier, you now find them sprouting up, taking root in the fertile soil of your mind, and becoming a permanent part of

Using Hypnosis To Change Beliefs

Hypnosis is a process of changing beliefs where both client and practitioner understand what is happening.  Both know that the client’s mind has the power to create real and lasting change within the client’s body, and hypnosis is seen as a direct means of activating the mind’s power. Guiding the client into a hypnotic state is itself based on suggestion and belief.  If the client believes that staring at a bright light will cause him

Hypnosis and Spiritual Development

Hypnosis has a strong reputation for being an excellent tools for changing habits.  It is also a popular stage show activity that results in some fascinating displays of mental manipulation.  Many psychologists will also use hypnosis as a means for treating mental dysfunction.  And success coaches will use hypnosis for aiding in personal development.  But hypnosis can be used for even greater purposes than these, including spiritual development. The process of hypnosis is relatively easy,

The Power of Covert Hypnosis

Where is the greatest need for Power in your life?  For most people, it is in persuading others to go along with our ideas.  Whether we are trying to sell a product or service to a prospect, trying to discipline our children, trying to convince our boss to give us a raise, or trying to seduce that beautiful stranger, a greater degree of Power will help us achieve our goals much easier. In one respect

Hypnotic Mental Development

I have seen a huge interest in hypnosis over the last few years. I have also seen that there is limited interest in developing intelligence and creativity. Memory is still a topic with many followers, especially those trying to find a surefire method of remembering everything without effort. The human mind has incredible powers. Our mind is capable of processing huge amounts of information at once, and is able to sort out a form of

Hypnotic Script to Tap into Power

The following script is the basic essence of what I do in my mind to refocus my energies and to tap into Power whenever I feel unfocused and scattered. When you are in need of extra Power, making a very strong break is needed, there is no smooth, easy way to simply open the gates of Power. This script should be read aloud, with as much feeling as you can put into it. You should