Turning Fear into Confidence

Have you ever wondered if you were doing the right thing?  Or if you were really prepared for an upcoming event?  Ever feel the butterflies churning in your gut?

Of course.  We all have.  We’ve all experienced that type of fear.

In fact, when I was getting ready for this last workshop, the night before, I knew that I hadn’t prepared for it as much as I would have liked, and experienced those same feelings.

So I decided to use my own process to turn it around.

Here’s what I did.

First, I relaxed as much as I could.

And here, I have to admit that I didn’t go all the way down into a semi-hypnotic trance like I talk about.  That’s the ideal, and I would have gotten better results if I had.

Of course, this was a minor case of nervousness. I didn’t need the full power of a deep trance.

Anyway, once I had relaxed, I asked my subconscious mind to give me a symbol to represent the nervousness I felt.

Very quickly, I got an image of a black sludge oozing out of me.

I then told my deeper mind that I wanted to turn this into a confident feeling, and asked for help.

The next thing I see, I’m standing in front of the stove, pouring the black sludge into a pot, and starting to cook it.  I pull a spice off the shelf, and when I sprinkled it into the pot, the black sludge started to turn into a rich, golden liquid.  When it was done, I let it cool, and drank it in.

Right away, I felt my energy shift.  The nervousness was pretty much gone, and I felt a whole lot better.

The next day, I still felt confident, and while there was a little bit of nervousness left, it was maybe 5% of what it was originally.  Not bad for a quick 5-minute process.

Now, if I had to deal with a more intense fear, I would have needed to go into a much deeper trance to make a significant change, but the process would have been the same.

  1. Relax as much as you can.
  2. Ask your deeper mind to give you a symbol to represent what you want to change.
  3. Ask your deeper mind to help you change it to what you want.
  4. Imagine the process in as much detail as you can.

The reason for asking your deeper mind to give you a symbol, and then to guide the conversion process is that when you do, the process works MUCH better than if you were to choose these consciously.

This is because these sort of changes happen in your deeper mind, and using the symbols your deeper mind already associates with them simply gives you better results.

What I’ve shared with you in this post is just one way to use the Symbolic Solution process.