Month: April 2017

When to Give UP

I have to admit, sometimes I give up too soon. I’ve always had a lazy streak, and if something takes more time than I want it to, I’m often ready to move on to something else. There are times, though, when it’s the right thing to do. For example, a few years ago, not long after I started my online business, I got the idea that I should learn Linux so I could manage my

What Color is Your Door?

Here’s a fun experiment with symbols. Just imagine, if you went deep into the core inner recesses of your mind, that there’s a door to another dimension. Beyond this door, you’ll find marvelous wonders that will surprise and delight you. And all of this is reserved just for you. No one else. Now, sit back and relax as completely as you can. If you wish, you can record the following script so you can follow

What Could You Do?

Most experts say we only use about 10% of our mental capacity. Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish if you were able to use 100% of your mind? You certainly wouldn’t have any trouble remembering names and faces, and you could probably be a winner at everything you do. And if some experts are right, when you access the full capacity of your mind, you could perform what many folks call miracles. Things

The Most Effective Way to Reach Your Goals

One of the reasons why many folks have trouble changing habits and reaching goals is because they use ineffective techniques for communicating what is desired to their subconscious mind. Buckling down and trying to force yourself to develop new habits is the hardest, evidenced by the fact that the vast majority who try this fail within a couple of weeks. In a way, it’s like trying to ride a donkey who doesn’t want to go

Guilty Pleasures

Think of something you enjoy. Now, think of something you enjoy SO MUCH, you’d be willing to do anything for it. No limits here.  Go ahead and indulge yourself. What does it feel like? What would it feel like if the experience were 10 times more powerful?  100 times? Now, what if you had a symbol within your mind, and any time you thought of that symbol, you would immediately feel that incredibly intense pleasure?

Is Control Nothing but an Illusion?

A subscriber recently asked me about the work of Robert Scheinfeld, asking if I agree with him in that we have absolutely no control over our lives, and it’s nothing more than an illusion. What was especially interesting for me is that when I did my research on Robert Scheinfeld, I found someone who was very much taking control of his own life, and teaching techniques for getting more enjoyment from life. While he may

Yes, You Can Do It!

One of greatest benefits of making a strong connection with your deeper mind, is that you can FEEL that no matter what, you can come out ahead. Whatever the challenges of life may be, you have the strength to turn things to your benefit. No matter what anyone else may say, you know what is the best course of action FOR YOU. It’s like having an anchor to keep you centered even in the midst

The Most Closely-Guarded Secret

Has anyone ever called you a dreamer, as if that were a bad thing? Albert Einstein was a dreamer. That’s where the General Theory of Relativity came from.  A daydream about riding a beam of light. In fact, there are many scientists and inventors who made great discoveries within their dreams. It’s one of the most closely guarded secrets of the scientific community. Logical, left-brain thinking will only get you so far. To make the

No More Time-Wasting Affirmations

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Law of Attraction is that if you want something bad enough, or if you THINK about it often enough, it will manifest. Sorry, but that’s not quite it. Thinking about getting rich won’t attract a dime. Wanting a new lover in your life won’t get you laid. Not even if you spend HOURS and HOURS repeating those carefully-worded affirmations the “experts” suggest you use. And here’s why. It’s