Is Control Nothing but an Illusion?

A subscriber recently asked me about the work of Robert Scheinfeld, asking if I agree with him in that we have absolutely no control over our lives, and it’s nothing more than an illusion.

What was especially interesting for me is that when I did my research on Robert Scheinfeld, I found someone who was very much taking control of his own life, and teaching techniques for getting more enjoyment from life.

While he may SAY that our lives are scripted, his actions say something completely different.

Anyway, the concept of whether we have any real control over our lives is a valid question, and is a topic worth addressing.

My first introduction into esoteric ideas was in the field of astrology.

I got into it so heavy, I was finding ways of restructuring the calculations to get more precise (and more accurate) data from the charts.

One of the biggest questions in that field is whether the positions of the planets have any real effect on our lives, and if so, were we slaves to their influence.

The concept was usually referred to as “Fate versus Free Will”.

Our we ‘fated’ to fall in love with certain people, to live in a particular social class, or do we have enough free will to determine things for ourselves?

Most astrologers will tell you that the stars and planets are like the wind blowing over the water, with you as a sailboat.

If you’re not minding the sails, the wind may blow you all over the place, but if you tend the sails and rudder with purpose, you can use the winds to get where you want to go.

In the worst-case scenario, when the wind is blowing the exact opposite direction from where you want, you can always take the sails down and wait for the winds to change.

I haven’t referenced astrology charts for years, and have developed the ability to go within to find out which way the winds are blowing.

It wasn’t easy, mostly because I was always analyzing what I was doing as I did it.

I didn’t relax enough to make contact with the Divine Mind within, which is where it all happens.

It would have been much easier if I had an experienced guide to follow.

But now that I’ve developed the ability, it’s fairly easy, and a whole lot of fun.

Going within also gives me clear step-by-step guidance about how to work with the winds to manifest the things I want.

No sense in beating your head against the wall if there’s a door a few feet away.

Anyway, getting back to the question of control, I have to say that by all appearances, we do have control over our lives, and if our lives are scripted, then the script follows a clear and definite pattern.

You get what you want in life AFTER you put the right conditions into place.

Sitting back and giving up won’t help.

And everyone who puts the same conditions into place gets the same results.

The world works according to scientific laws, and when you understand these laws, manifesting becomes a paint by numbers game.

Over the years, I’ve refined the process of manifesting what you want to the point where it’s now a simple 3-step process, and the skills you need can be developed with pre-recorded material.

I’ve explained it all here: