And the Teddy Bear Said …

I woke up from a dream that had given me a message, and that message has given me hope and inspiration my whole life.

I was 8 or 9 at the time, but I can remember that dream as clearly as if it were this morning.

In this dream, I was part of an elite team working in the middle of a war.  We didn’t do any fighting, but the work we did was instrumental in ending the war much sooner.

When the war was over, I returned home, where I saw a teddy bear on a small table.

The bear spoke to me, saying:

“If you are alone, your forces indeed are small. But if you have strength and courage enough, it won’t matter at all.”

Of course, the bear was a symbol used by my deeper mind to communicate a message so I would remember.

Throughout my life, there were many times I felt small and alone, yet when I recalled that dream, I knew there was a way I could turn things around.

Obviously, my deeper mind knew what I needed, and knew the best way to give it to me.

Too bad I didn’t know how to tap into that source of inspiration, guidance, and wisdom at will.

I could have saved myself a TON of wasted effort, and would have experienced many more happy days and far fewer days of toil and struggle.

For the last couple of years, I’ve experimented with a process of relaxing into my deeper mind and asking it for guidance, and the results have been remarkable.

Things that used to take days to figure out are solved in a matter of minutes.

And the results I get are better as well.

As a quick example, the response to the new blog series has been worlds away better than any previous series I’ve written.

A lot more people have signed up for the new Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package than I would normally have expected.

It’s amazing!

One of the reasons I felt completely comfortable eliminating everything I had previously created from the PowerKeys Publishing website and replacing it with the new Symbolic Solutions 2.0 package is because it gives you the ability to tap into your deeper wisdom any time you want it.

When you have a clear source of step-by-step guidance, reaching whatever goals you may have becomes a game, one stacked in your favor.

If you haven’t yet joined in on the fun, I invite you to come with us now, and find out how fun life can be.