Guilty Pleasures

Think of something you enjoy.

Now, think of something you enjoy SO MUCH, you’d be willing to do anything for it.

No limits here.  Go ahead and indulge yourself.

What does it feel like?

What would it feel like if the experience were 10 times more powerful?  100 times?

Now, what if you had a symbol within your mind, and any time you thought of that symbol, you would immediately feel that incredibly intense pleasure?

And what if you had other symbols, symbols that would give you confidence, courage, and peace.

Any time, under any circumstances.  At will.

This is the starting point for my new Symbolic Solutions 2.0.

This package is designed to help you master the skills necessary to manifest ANYTHING you could imagine, plus the creativity to imagine the impossible.


I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the recordings in Symbolic Solutions 2.0.

There are 6 hypnosis sessions, each one designed to help you master a skill necessary for powerful manifestations and total life mastery.

One really interesting point here now is that you have an opportunity to get in on the final beta testing phase.

This means you get to use the program, give me your feedback, and help shape the final product.

It’s almost like getting custom-designed sessions for less than the price of pre-recorded material.

But only for a limited time.

Get all the details here: