Month: March 2015

Why Guided Meditations are so Important

As I wrote about in my book, “Choose To Believe“, in order to manifest something, you must first believe it’s possible.  And one of the best ways to believe something is possible is to experience it. You see, while affirmations, visualization, and all that can help you shift your beliefs, nothing shifts beliefs more than direct experience.  When you experience something, you KNOW it’s real. That’s why many experts teach that if you want to

How to Use Your Imagination to Get Results

Yesterday, I shared a process you could use to find out what you REALLY want.  There are a few ways to enhance this process so it can give you so much more. First, let’s recap the core process itself. As always, you start by relaxing yourself as much as you can.  Pretend you’re going to take a short nap. When you feel yourself getting drowsy and going into a semi-trance state, you are very close

Getting to the Core of What You REALLY Want

My last couple of messages have described little tricks you can do to improve the quality of your visualizations, and therefore the effectiveness of your manifestation efforts. First, there was the exercise where you look at a physical object, then close your eyes and remember what you saw, then repeat this over and over again until what you see inside your mind matches what you see with your physical eyes. Then, there was the idea

A Quick Key to More Powerful Visualizations

This last winter, as I was refreshing my memory of hypnotic techniques to use in the new test recordings, I ran across an idea that has dramatically helped my visualizations. As soon as I started using it, the images inside my mind have become clearer, sharper, and much more detailed. Here’s the idea. Before you begin, imagine a bright light. The idea here is that most of us try to visualize in the dark, which

The Key to a Powerful Imagination

To recap, the process I’ve been talking about these last few months is this: Relax as much as you can Imagine what you want in vivid detail Expect positive results. As explained in my book, Choose To Believe, the last step COULD stand on it’s own. However, the first 2 steps help you more easily take that last one. In fact, the reason I’ve been going on so much about this process is because it

Eliminating the MOST CRITICAL Form of Stress

My last couple of posts have talked about how you can eliminate stress from your life.  Today, I’m going to cover what may be the most critical one of all. Let me start with an example. Let’s say that you and your spouse have been fighting with each other, and it looks like the marriage is ending.  Is that good or bad?  Really depends on how you look at it, right? On one hand, you

Quick Stress Reduction

For the last couple of months, I’ve been talking a lot about relaxing as deeply as you can in order to really connect with your inner mind and manifest the things you want. On the surface, it sounds so easy, but when you get right down to it, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. For instance, let’s say that money has been tight, and you’re 3 months behind on your rent or mortgage.

Who You Are vs. Who You Want To Be

One of the most common issues that comes up for many folks when considering how they may improve their lives tends to be expressed in the phrase, “But that’s not who I am!” Here’s an example. For most of my life, I’ve always been the “behind the scenes” guy supporting others out in the spotlight. In fact, I was very uncomfortable being the center of attention. I even justified it with the idea that I