Eliminating the MOST CRITICAL Form of Stress

My last couple of posts have talked about how you can eliminate stress from your life.  Today, I’m going to cover what may be the most critical one of all.

Let me start with an example.

Let’s say that you and your spouse have been fighting with each other, and it looks like the marriage is ending.  Is that good or bad?  Really depends on how you look at it, right?

On one hand, you could interpret this impending event as a negative, a sign of failure, the start of a time of loneliness, and all that.  Or you could interpret it as a positive, a chance to start over with someone new who will be easier to get along with.

You see, the form of stress I’m talking about today is the stress we create for ourselves from the meanings we assign to various events and conditions.

If a driver is driving erratically, going way too fast for the road conditions, and swerving in and out of traffic, do you automatically assume this person is an arrogant SOB, or do you assume they are rushing to the hospital?

If your boss calls you into his/her office, do you assume that you did something wrong, or are you eager to find out what cool new assignment you’re going to get?

If you have piles of work from 3 months ago that you still haven’t gotten to, do you judge yourself as a lazy slob, or are you more forgiving of yourself and say that you had more important matters to attend to during this time?

(Yes, sometimes it is important to get away from all the busywork and take time for yourself.)

A lot of the stress we modern humans carry comes not from basic survival needs, but is essentially artificial stress that comes from our own interpretation of events.

What would happen if you — somehow — started seeing everything as a positive, with nothing having any negative meaning whatsoever?

What if you KNEW that there was a perfect solution to every problem, and that all you had to do to discover that solution was to relax deeply, go within, and ask your deeper mind to show it to you?

That’s really all it takes.

Give yourself 10 to 20 minutes, and allow yourself to completely disconnect from the world around you.

Allow yourself to start to go to sleep, and before you drift off completely, allow yourself to trust that your deeper mind is there to answer any question you ask.

Ask for a solution to your problem, one that you can use with your current abilities and resources, and wait.  Wait for the answer that will surely come.  As long as you have relaxed deeply enough and TRUST your deeper mind to give you the desired answer, it will.

And when you get the answer, USE IT!  Take action, and put that sage council into practice, even if you don’t fully understand how it’s going to work.

You just might be surprised at how easily your problems can be solved.