Month: July 2014

Who (or What) Controls YOUR Life?

Today I want to talk about a fundamental principle behind all manifestation. This one will push a few buttons for folks, so I apologize now if you get offended by anything I say. Interestingly, though, this is one example of what I’m talking about. If someone says something and you get offended, who is responsible for you feeling offended? In other words, who manifested the feeling? In working with many folks over the years, I’ve

Why Not Just ‘Go with the Flow’?

Today, I’m going to answer what I believe to be an unvoiced question, “Why not just ‘go with the flow’?” The reason I feel this is an unvoiced question is because there are a TON of books, courses, and talk about letting things happen on their own instead of consciously trying to influence the course of events in your life. Guy Finley talks about this quite often, and while I agree with the core concept,

How to Overcome Inner Resistance

Today, I’m going to answer another submitted question, “How can I overcome my inner resistance?” Actually, this is a summary of several questions, which asked about overcoming procrastination, doubt, and remembering to do manifestation work on a regular basis. One of the most common reasons for such resistance is simply habit. If you have an ingrained habit to do things in a particular way, it takes more effort to do things in a different way.

How to Balance Desire and Gratitude

Today, I’m going to answer another submitted question, “What is the right balance between desire and gratitude?” Before I do that, however, I want to let you know that I’m starting to come to the end of the questions submitted so far, and invite you to send in any other questions you may have on manifesting. There must be more you’d like to know about manifesting, so feel free to ask me. While you’re at

How to Manifest Money

Today, I’m giving you something a little different. Instead of answering another question, I’m going to share with you a story I just heard last night. A friend of mine, Alix, was telling me about her most recent experience with manifesting money. She started by imagining a lot of money, and used her willpower to focus her mind on her “mental template” with a firm belief that it would manifest. Of course, this isn’t how

How to Get Consistent Results

A question that comes up frequently in regards to manifesting using the Law of Attraction is, “How do I make the process work CONSISTENTLY?” In one word, the answer is ‘Practice’. The more you work with the system, the more consistent your results will become. The more you work with your beliefs to expect positive results on a consistent basis, and the more you develop your willpower to hold your focus on what you want

How to Handle Setbacks

Yesterday, we answered the most common question, which was “How to stay positive when surrounded by negative people?” The next most common question, which we’ll answer today is “What do you do when you get ‘negative’ results when trying to manifest a positive experience?” For example, if you’re working to manifest more money, or a more harmonious relationship, or better health, and you experience some sort of setback. There are 2 possible reasons you might

How to Stay Positive when Surrounded by Negative People

While there are a variety of ‘tactics’ that may be used to insulate yourself from the beliefs and opinions of others, they all require a degree of mental strength. In other words, willpower. The stronger your willpower, the less you will be affected by the beliefs and opinions of others. Willpower is the mental strength to keep your mind focused on whatever task you have chosen to accomplish. In the everyday world, this usually means