Why Not Just ‘Go with the Flow’?

Today, I’m going to answer what I believe to be an unvoiced question, “Why not just ‘go with the flow’?

The reason I feel this is an unvoiced question is because there are a TON of books, courses, and talk about letting things happen on their own instead of consciously trying to influence the course of events in your life.

Guy Finley talks about this quite often, and while I agree with the core concept, some folks misinterpret this into something else.

The core concept behind letting go and going with the flow lies in the dual nature of reality.

The physical level of reality is just the surface, and is like a shadow cast on the wall, with no real substance of its own, and simply reflects the spiritual level of reality.

The spiritual level of reality is where we find the “mental templates” which guide Universal Power to manifest events and circumstances.

When you have strong beliefs that everything will be okay, and that the things you want will come into your experience without your direct physical involvement, then anything that happens physically will guide you to experience the manifestation of your desires.

This is where it’s a good idea to just “go with the flow,” because you’re allowing the mental templates you’ve established to manifest themselves.

One way to describe the 2 levels of consciousness involved is “Inner Strength, Outer Peace.”

Be firm and decisive on the inner level, where your “mental templates” shape the course of events, and then go with the flow on the outer level, so the spiritual forces can help you find the results you set out to create.