Who (or What) Controls YOUR Life?

Today I want to talk about a fundamental principle behind all manifestation.

This one will push a few buttons for folks, so I apologize now if you get offended by anything I say.

Interestingly, though, this is one example of what I’m talking about.

If someone says something and you get offended, who is responsible for you feeling offended?

In other words, who manifested the feeling?

In working with many folks over the years, I’ve found that some of them live life in “victim mode”.

They always have a ‘reason’ why they can’t succeed, or why they can’t follow through with a plan of action and manifest the things they want in life.

Recently, I’ve exchanged emails with a young man who believes that a large group of people are controlling his thoughts and preventing him from doing the exercises in the new “Awaken the Avatar Within” program.

I’ve gathered that his early life was problematic, and there are several logical reasons why his mind has gone off in chaotic directions.

The question comes up, “Who is responsible for his not being able to focus for long periods of time?

With our modern culture being so fast-paced, and so much attention put on “instant gratification”, it’s little wonder why most of us have trouble focusing, at least somewhat.

In our case, we usually attribute our lack of focus to the demands placed upon us by society at large. “If we didn’t have to do so much,” we tell ourselves, “it would be a lot easier.”

In some cases, a medical professional might diagnose the condition as ADD or ADHD and prescribe medication.

While this is certainly different from the young man who believes that other people are controlling his thoughts, there is a great deal of similarity here.

The idea behind both is that our inability to focus is caused by some persons or chemical outside our control.

(For those who want to point out that chemical imbalances can be a legitimate cause of mental instability, please recall that several scientific studies have proven that our beliefs are more powerful than drugs.)

Now, I will admit that it often IS a lot easier to focus when you have plenty of time, and everything is going well in your life.

But when things aren’t going well, who’s responsible?

Does a child create their own experiences, even from the first hour? Are our early experiences part of a Divine Plan we ourselves put into motion before we were born? Are they a product of karmic return?

Or do we come into Life as a blank slate, ready to be ‘programmed’ by experiences created by others?

Whatever the reason for our early experiences, there comes a time when we must take responsibility for how we respond to situations, good or bad.

Most of us have heard the phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

The 2 are linked, and anyone who wants great power must first take great responsibility.

In other words, before you can take control of a situation, you must accept the fact that whatever happens, happens because of what you do or don’t do in that situation.

True, if you’re in a bank, and a group of criminals come in to rob that bank, you may not be able to completely prevent the crime from happening. However, you may be able to protect a few folks from getting hurt in the process.

Small gains, repeatedly obtained, eventually produce a bountiful harvest.

This is the principle behind compound interest and saving a dollar a day to be a millionaire by the time you retire.

Maybe that’s $5 a day? $10? Depends on how long you have and what the current interest rates are.

The same principle that works for retirement planning also works for taking control of your entire life.

Small gains in your ability to focus, in your seeing life from a positive viewpoint, and in your ability to imagine great advances in joy and abundance, will eventually produce a bountiful harvest of Power.

Willpower, belief, and imagination.

Where have I heard that before?  😉

As much as we might want to go back and correct certain problems from our past, the best we can do is to start right where we are and do the best with what we have NOW.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

What will YOU do with it?