How to Handle Setbacks

Yesterday, we answered the most common question, which was “How to stay positive when surrounded by negative people?

The next most common question, which we’ll answer today is “What do you do when you get ‘negative’ results when trying to manifest a positive experience?

For example, if you’re working to manifest more money, or a more harmonious relationship, or better health, and you experience some sort of setback.

There are 2 possible reasons you might experience a setback when manifesting your desires.

One reason is that, for whatever reason, the setback was necessary for the manifestation of your desire.

I’ve known quite a few folks who set out to manifest more money, and then lost their job.

And I’ve also known folks who wanted to improve a relationship, and the relationship ended.

In most cases, either a new job or new relationship came into their life which was much better than the one they lost.

The way you handle this situation is to maintain your trust in the process and keep working to manifest your desire.

Of course, this isn’t the only reason you might have a setback when working to manifest your desires.

Another reason is that you may have ‘slipped’ and made a mistake during your manifestation efforts.

Few want to admit this possibility, yet it’s actually the most common reason for setbacks.

Perhaps you allowed yourself to consider negative possibilities during the manifestation process, or maybe you doubted the process.

Either of these will certainly weaken your manifestation efforts, and could create a negative experience.

Luckily, the solution to this is the same.

Keep working to manifest your desires, maintaining your focus on trusting the process.

The more you develop your willpower, belief, and imagination, the better you’ll get at maintaining a positive focus and manifesting your desires.