How to Stay Positive when Surrounded by Negative People

While there are a variety of ‘tactics’ that may be used to insulate yourself from the beliefs and opinions of others, they all require a degree of mental strength.

In other words, willpower.

The stronger your willpower, the less you will be affected by the beliefs and opinions of others.

Willpower is the mental strength to keep your mind focused on whatever task you have chosen to accomplish.

In the everyday world, this usually means that when you decide to cut back on eating unhealthy foods, you keep your mind focused on the benefits of a healthier diet.

In the world of manifesting your desires with Universal Power, this means that you keep your mind focused on the “mental template” you want to manifest.

Few of us have been taught the importance of willpower, and therefore, few of us have developed the mental strength to hold our focus for very long.

In truth, building your willpower is the best way to insulate yourself from the beliefs and opinions of others.

Once you have strengthened your willpower, then it’s time to turn your attention to the tactics.

One tactic is to remind yourself that your beliefs create your reality, and the beliefs of others have no power in your life.

A slightly different tactic is to imagine that you are the most powerful person in the world/universe, and the beliefs, opinions, and speech of others simply ‘bounces’ off you as a paper arrow bounces off a castle wall.

You could even use a more focused technique, such as the “White Light of Protection”, which is included in the upcoming “Awaken the Avatar Within” course.

The basic idea of this technique is that you fill yourself with Power, and then you direct this Power to create a protective shield around you, preventing any negativity from affecting you in any way.

In the end, though, all of these techniques require willpower, which is why the most effective method of protecting yourself from the negativity of others is to strengthen your willpower.