Month: April 2020

How to Handle Setbacks in Manifesting

Those who have been involved in manifesting (Law of Attraction) for a while have usually encountered a situation where everything is going smooth, then all of a sudden, things go haywire, and it seems it’s all falling apart. Sometimes, it’s like you’ve hit a brick wall, and the universe is saying, “You shall not pass!” When it happens to someone just starting out, they tend to take that as a sign that manifesting doesn’t work,

Why 99% of All Prayers Go Unanswered

In the midst of the current pandemic, many people are praying for protection, for safety, for healing, and for a return back to the way things were before. And yet the reports show the progression continues to be consistent.  Nothing is slowing this down.  Not prayer, not face masks, not social distancing, not anything. However, the reports don’t show everything.  They only show the AVERAGE results produced by EVERYONE. Certain individuals are having great success

The Secret to Consistent Manifesting Results

A question that frequently comes up is one that is often phrased like so: “I have had many positive results in my manifesting, so I know it works.  What I need to learn now is how do I get more consistent results?” Back when I first got into manifesting, it took a while before I got any results whatsoever, and then I also had the experience of “hit or miss” results that ranged from “okay”

How to Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy World

My message today may rub some folks the wrong way. I’ll apologize for that up front. Please understand that my intention is to help you see where you can take control over the events in your life to create your vision of perfection. Okay, with that said, let’s continue. Those of us who have studied and practiced manifesting look at the current world situation a bit differently than most. Most folks are highly cautious of