The Secret to Consistent Manifesting Results

A question that frequently comes up is one that is often phrased like so:

“I have had many positive results in my manifesting, so I know it works.  What I need to learn now is how do I get more consistent results?”

Back when I first got into manifesting, it took a while before I got any results whatsoever, and then I also had the experience of “hit or miss” results that ranged from “okay” to “great” to “what the hell happened?!”

In the days of promoting my original manifesting course, “The Keys to Power – Step by Step“, I would warn folks of the dangers of making mistakes, and talk about the many times I would have to pick up the pieces of my life after a failed attempt.

Part of the problem I had was that I was working with a foundational belief that manifestations happened when Divine Power was directed by intense conscious focus, and I often strained my “mental muscles” to get even the slightest result.

Now, I understand the error.  The belief in struggle produced struggle.

That belief came from another belief that thoughts were much less powerful than physical objects.

I also didn’t fully understand how the thoughts inside my mind could interact with physical things outside my body.

My study into the theories of quantum physics and multidimensional reality has shown me that every point of space is intimately connected with every other point of space, and therefore, the whole universe is contained within my own mind.  (Yours too!)

The more I got comfortable with the idea that my thoughts could indeed influence the world around me, and the more I believed that thoughts were actually MORE powerful than physical reality, the easier it all became, and the more consistently I got positive results.

Of course, this didn’t “just happen”.

On one level, I had to give up the constant search for logical connections, and just accept the fact that one way or another, manifesting did work, and I didn’t need to fully understand HOW it worked to make use of it.

Kind of like using a computer.  Do any of us really understand the electrical properties of the millions of circuits that allow us to watch a video or play a game?

Another thing that made a big impact on the consistency of results in my own manifesting efforts was simple practice.  Going through the motions without demanding instant and miraculous phenomenon.

And then there was the realization that the more relaxed I became, the stronger my connection with the Source of Power, and how that led to better and better results.

Further practice and experimentation showed that I could get wonderful results by relaxing deeply and simply indulging in positive emotions, such as love, happiness, joy, gratitude, and even sensual pleasure.

Some of the most significant manifestations in my life came from what I called Creative Daydreaming sessions, in which I simply relaxed and daydreamed about what I wanted to experience.

The first few times, there wasn’t any expectation of results, but after noticing the connection between relaxed daydreaming and events in my physical life, I started using the process with intention.

And as you know, I’ve spent years perfecting the process.

Lately, I’ve spent more time exploring what can be done OUTSIDE the manifesting process to make Life better.

This is one of the main reasons for the new Divine Dynamics e-course.

Once I cover the core manifestation process and how to develop the skills required to use it effectively (and consistently), the course will expand on that to show easy ways to master all aspects of life.

Of course, it’s all described on the PowerKeys Publishing website’s homepage:

No matter what type of results you’ve been getting from your manifesting efforts, there’s going to be SOMETHING in this new course to help you improve your life.

So, I’d like to formally invite you to register for this new course.

There’s no charge, and you can drop out any time you wish.

Until next time, be blessed, my friend.